28 days ago

3.69 mile red trail. Very nice peaceful, secluded walk with a beautiful lake view. Can definitely see how after a rain it would be very muddy 1/4 of the way. Lots of stones, tree roots and horse poop so you really have to watch your footing. Some hills but nothing too difficult. Very well marked.

on Cane Creek Park

29 days ago

i love this one easy and best view

5 months ago

the best hike that i been on. Peaceful and relaxing.

1 year ago

A good workout but it was a bit muddy in places. It's been several days since it rained but I guess the indirect sun takes awhile to dry out the ground. My son and I hiked the red trail - most of it. Pretty views even in the winter.

3 years ago

Cane Creek Park in Waxhaw NC has several color coded trails for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. The total combined distance is 13.59 miles. Most of the trails are very peaceful, and make for a very relaxing day hike. The park surrounds a 350 acre lake which adds to the scenery while trekking the trails, and also adds to the different species of wildlife you may encounter.

mountain biking
5 years ago

Biked most of the Purple trail and all of the North Red loop. Trails vary greatly from hills, fields, rocky, rooty, smooth, etc. Most of the mtn bike trails are shared with horses. Be sure to stop and yield to horse riders. Beautiful views of the lake. Note: This is Union County's main (only?) park. The fees are $4 per car plus $3 per mtn bike.