30 days ago

This trail will keep your blood pumping as you climb the entire way and the view from the observation deck is nothing short of spectacular. I definitely plan to return and utilize one of the other routes next time.

To me there is lack of clarity regarding starting points to get to Rabun Bald. There are 3 trails that lead to it - I would call them easy moderate and strenuous. The easy is entering from the Kelsy Mtn road. This is a 0.7 mile hike and most folks I saw on a Saturday had come up this way starting on the short forest service road that then meets up with a trail to the top. Then there is the Bartrum trail that comes in from the North - appears to be about a 4.2 mile hike. In my opinion THIS IS NOT THE TRAIL DESCRIBED IN THIS WRITE UP. Bartrum trail does cross Hale Bridge Rd but it crosses it a few miles north aka much more than 5.6 miles from WarWoman Rd. The trail described here is Rabun Bald trail per the topo map on this site it is NOT the one in red. (One in red is the Bartrum trail coming in from the NORTH). Rabun Bald described here is the trail coming in from the East from Chestnut Ridge. This trail starts at around 2700 feet and climbs consistently till you top out at around 4800 feet. So climbing for 3+ miles. For that reason I would rate it as difficult - short but difficult. There two or three primitive campsites along the way but no water at them. One stream crossing about 1/3 of the way in. I hope this clarifies for others when choosing a starting point.

From Kelsey Mtn rd. Approximately 3.2 miles. Incline pretty much the whole way. Moderate hike. Very rewarding 360 degree view at top from observation tower. Good hike!!

Great climb to amazing views of GA,NC Vistas on the peak. Parking is very limited at the trailhead.

Not that hard of a hike. The hike has alot of pretty scenery and the summit view is a stunning 360 degree platform. Definitely worth the view

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5 months ago

Great run from Osage Overlook to Rabun Bald and back. A little bit of everything for sure and if a summer run guaranteed cooler weather than anywhere else around on the NC side.

Very fun hike I'd suggest waiting till after a big rain to make the multiple streams you pass full

Amazing hike and trail

8 months ago

11 months ago

The hike was very difficult but it was definitely worth it. The observation tower was plenty of space for my troop to sleep on and had a great view.