Great climb to amazing views of GA,NC Vistas on the peak. Parking is very limited at the trailhead.

Not that hard of a hike. The hike has alot of pretty scenery and the summit view is a stunning 360 degree platform. Definitely worth the view

trail running
1 month ago

Great run from Osage Overlook to Rabun Bald and back. A little bit of everything for sure and if a summer run guaranteed cooler weather than anywhere else around on the NC side.

Very fun hike I'd suggest waiting till after a big rain to make the multiple streams you pass full

Amazing hike and trail

5 months ago

The hike was very difficult but it was definitely worth it. The observation tower was plenty of space for my troop to sleep on and had a great view.

Been countless times and have taken tons of ppl too!

This is one of the coolest places I've hiked. The observation deck allows a 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains, and we had it mostly to ourselves for an hour. The hike seemed very short, and wasn't too difficult. Definitely worth it to get to the top.

Great hike. Nat Geo terrain map calls it moderate, but it gains 1000ft/mile for 2 separate mile long stretches. I see a couple of people downgrade it and call it moderate, but it averages 15% and the middle mile is pretty flat. Rate it for yourself, but just know that there are folks that think calling down a difficulty level is some kind of brag.

I would make sure you go early, stay away from wet times as the grade at the top will be slick and there are stretches through erosion cuts. I went late spring and the undergrowth wasn't too bad, nor were the bugs, but I'm sure late June through September would be another story.

There really isn't anything to speak of other than the view at the top, which is a 360 degree platform. The wind is nice and helps cool you down, dry you off from the hump up. Also a connector to the Bertram

It was not hard at all. Beautiful hike and really enjoyed the view at the top.