Awesome hike, it's about 8.2 miles and 1850' elevation gain. The trailhead is down the Dillard Road Hwy 106 from Highlands and you take a left on Hale Ridge Road which makes a few turns - the AllTrails app gets you right to the trailhead. From the dirt part of the road you will find the signage for the Bartram Trail. Make sure you head south into Georgia (downhill from the road). The trail starts out with some gradual rolling ups and downs across several small creeks, one with a nice waterfall. Then you gradually start climbing - stay on the yellow blazed Bartram Trail. After several switchbacks along a steeper grade, you'll come to the top. This is a fantastic workout and you can trail run it - very easy to do on the way down. I gave it four stars because the top is not a true bald as it is covered with scrub oaks. The best view is atop the fire tower with the true 360 degree view. Definitely worth a trip from Highlands if you are looking for a moderate to difficult hike or overnight camping at the top. Enjoy!

Hiked this in late July with my husband & my two 68 year old aunt and uncle. It was beautiful at the top 360 degrees of beauty. God is great.

A very fun, but difficult hike. That being said, my wife and I hiked it with our three daughters (6, 9, 11) so we took our time and made sure they were okay. They made it! We were a little disappointed in the view on our particular day because of how rainy/cloudy it was, but my daughters thought it was cool that we were above the clouds :). It was also very well marked with plenty of yellow rectangles nailed in easy to see places. Fun time!

Not many big rocks but the trail never levels out. Great view at the top. Probably will not hike again.

The description of the trail is correct but it is not the Bartram Trail. The Bartram Trail continues from Beegam Gap to Wilson Gap and on to Warwoman Dell and beyond. It does cross over Rabun Bald. The trail you describe is the old Three Forks Trail now know generally as the Rabun Bald trail. Although not maintained beyond Hale Ridge, the trail continues on the other side of Hale Ridge Road and heads down toward the West Fork of the Chattooga River. After crossing over FS 86 it is once again fairly easy to follow as it makes its way down to the river. and the three forks. I went up the Rabun Bald trail yesterday. It is generally in pretty good condition but there are a few blowdowns that need to be cleared. One major blowdown over the trail requires that you crawl under it. Another is slowing developing a new trail around it. The middle section of the trail is occupied by many feral hogs. We saw a couple and heard a number of others.


6 months ago