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A Blue Ridge Parkway experience is unlike any other, a slow-paced and relaxing drive revealing stunning long-range vistas and close-up views of the rugged mountains and pastoral landscapes of the Appalachian Highlands. Protecting a diversity of plants and animals, the Parkway meanders for 469 miles, providing opportunities for enjoying all that makes this region of the country so special.

Easy enjoyable trail. Would recommend ☺️

This is a nice, easy trail if you're wearing a toddler on your back! The woods are beautiful, the creek is relaxing, and I always see some sort of wildlife.

(kids pov) Really liked the trail, would do it again, "this trail rocked, haha" (lots of rocks).
(mom) This was a really cool trail, but I'm not going to lie - the hike up from the picnic area was rough. Constant climb and lots of rocks. From the pavilion up is easier and gorgeous. So green, informational placards, and a lovely natural spring on the side of the path. Pretty wildflowers! Blueberries weren't ripe yet. Best dog drinking fountain ever! Would do it again.

(from kid's point of view) We didn't do the whole trail, but not our favorite. a road crossing and walking alongside the BRP - kind of nervewracking with 2 dogs and 3 young kids. Road noise and lots of invasive plants (English Ivy, Wisteria) which might improve as you got further in.

Favorite easy summit in the area, especially at sunset.

Great hike, beautiful views!

Fun hike. Moderately difficult. Very nice forestry and wildlife. Diverse trail including flat and rocky areas. While getting a view at the top is harder than it’s twin mountain, Sharp Top, the top has 2 rock tops you can stand on to see around offering nice views. Definitely recommend for those who want a mountain hike without the intensity

great hike, about 30 minutes up to summit and beautiful views along the way. definitely a rocky trail and slippery in some spots. very much enjoyed and will be back again.

3 days ago

This is a beautiful trail to an even more beautiful waterfall. Like everyone else has said, it is so much prettier than it appears in pictures. It was well worth the walk. Definitely take the rest of the loop back to the trailhead as the additional water access points are worth the extra effort.

Decent elevation, dog friendly, lots of nettles and the path is thin at times, which made it harder for the kids.

Steep but nice loop through balsam forest. No real views but beautiful canopy of trees and moss covered rocks. Parts of the trail are quite overgrown but push on through because it’s worth it!

Very steep but short hike up to some great views. Starts at a visitors center parking lot so a little more crowded than other trails but worth it. The Mountain to Sea Trail also joins up here so you can add some distance by following their white blazed trail along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Worth the view! Smells like Christmas going up

6 days ago

Combined this trail with the Cascades Trail. Parked at the Cascades because there is a restroom. Walked out and back to the Tompkins Knob parking lot. The cabin, spring house and old church building were of interest. The trail itself is very easy with little elevation change and a nice walk in the woods below the Parkway. There is even a bench to sit and rest at about half way. Agree with other reviewers that it is best combined with the Cascades Trail.

Short hike to the falls. I’m used to really strenuous trails so this trail is very easy for anyone to do. The rocks are slippery so I would just be careful if your going to walk up close to the waterfall. Beautiful waterfall off of the blue ridge parkway.

on Cascades Trail

6 days ago

Combined this trail and Tompkins Knob for a nice hike that was not too strenuous. The only difficult part of this trail is the stairs down to the falls. The rock steps are uneven and the hand rail has eroded or is broken in a few places so care has to be taken. Because we have had a very wet spring this year, the falls were beautiful-much nicer than some of the pictures I have seen of them taken when it was much drier. The steps lead to two viewing areas do have a substantial rock wall. Because of the sheer steepness of the falls these are not the type you would want to even attempt to wade in areas above them.. The return trail meanders along Fall Creek is lovely.

good trail

Very beautiful with lots of wildlife and flowers. Watch out for bears, I got attacked on the trail 3 days ago by a black bear with cubs. (We startled each other.) luckily I’m pretty tall and she decided to stop in front of me and back up.

on Crabtree Falls Trail

8 days ago

Such a beautiful waterfall!! Picture doesn't do it's justice! Bring a hammock that you can wrap up around trees and there is perfect set of trees to tie it up on right beside waterfall! More than relaxing and refreshing. Hike back up is incline and a great workout.

Nice short hike, it took maybe 10 minutes to get to the viewpoint. If you’re able to get up there on a less cloudy evening for sunset, it’s an incredible view!

9 days ago

Such a beautiful hike. Moderately trafficked when we hiked due to other trail closures. Still amazing. The summit is a small climb but the view is worth it. Look for lots of wild blueberries on the trail during the summer!

NOT ticks! Don't worry! They're weevils.

Great short hike with spectacular 360o view! Only 0.4 miles up (the trail sign said 0.7 miles, but my GPS only measured 0.4mi). Wildflowers on trail. I went on a Tuesday late afternoon, and it was only lightly trafficked.

10 days ago

Beautiful hike. The falls is extremely gorgeous.

10 days ago

This hike is a nice short hike but it is straight up

10 days ago

Very easy hike. I added the loop for the blue trail. the pace I was doing made it easy. On a harder day the blue climb would have got the heart rate up.

My husband, dog, and I did this 1.5 times yesterday (we came back a second time after the second hike we attempted had no parking near it). It has ample parking and restrooms due to the visitor center/ranger station at trailhead. We really enjoyed this hike - but will warn you, it is a workout, as most of the hike is an uphill climb.

Short hike. A little steep but a great 360 degree view.

Ok so if you’re going to do this trail start at the picnic area and head up from there. I made the mistake of starting at the visitors center and heading down, only to find some picnic tables overlooking a parking lot! Kids were not pleased. The grassy knoll was nice, saw some people hanging out up there in some nice spots. That’s easily accessible from the visitors center if you just want a nice easy spot to be....never found the waterfall either

Such a short hike with such a big payoff! I know one reviewer said that they had been swarmed by ticks the other day, but I was just up there today and the little black bugs that were up there were NOT ticks, they were weevils!! It’s gorgeous, best around sunset if you can!

I'm not getting it, but I totally didn't see a waterfall. There was a juncture, off this path, that leads to Douglas Falls in 3.6 miles. But, I didn't see a waterfall on this 1.9 mi (RT) trail. Trail was well-maintained. Start at the picnic area parking lot. When you get to the "Visitors Center," which is a pavilion, go thru/under the shelter to continue straight. If you take the path to the right, it leads to a dead-end about a quarter mile up with a below-average overlook. The straight path will lead you to the juncture already mentioned or to the start of Craggy Garden Trails from the overlook. This is a nice path for a walk in the woods after a picnic. I did this as my last hike of the day, so I didn't have enough in me to take the Douglas Falls path for what I assumed would be a 7 mi RT. I only did it because I thought I could get a waterfall in under 2 mi RT.

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