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On the moderate end of difficult (for me). Update from hurricane Florence: About a mile from the Falls, there are several spots where fallen trees block or hide the trail. Minor bushwhacking required, but so worth it!

Nice scenery. Good views.

Beautiful trail leading to very nice falls.

wow. challenging but worth the view.

Good views and easy trails.

8 days ago

This is a quick, steep hike up to the top that will get your heart pumping. Pretty heavily trafficked trail but when we went we got to see why they're called the Smoky Mountains because the mists filled the valleys below all the way to the top. Still beautiful though.

8 days ago

This trail was perfect for my wife and I, who only get to dust off our hiking boots about once a year. We took our 1 and a 1/2 year old, 50 pound pitbull mix with us and she did surprisingly great, even towards the rocky summit. I did have to lift her a couple of times to pass some of the more challenging spots. I would not bring an older or out of shape dog on this trail, i kept ours leashed and clipped to my belt through most of the hike just in case she fell. Challenging terrain with views and steep climbs that will take your breath away. The trail is marked with purple and yellow markings on the trees. We took our time and lots of pictures on our way to the summit. At the top the views are amazing, but they are only 360 degrees, not the 365 degree views that we were promised in other reviews ;P. We packed a lunch and ate at the summit before descending back down through the beautiful mossy forest. This trail is challenging and beautiful but not for everyone. I recommend bringing hiking poles, check the weather because rain might make some spots dangerous, and prepare to do a little rock climbing and scaling near the summit.

Should have known better trail is a portion of the MTS trail that basically parallels the Blue Ridge Parkway. Pretty and an easy walk but you better like the sound of traffic. But to paraphrase a saying...a bad walk in the woods is better than a good walk in the suburbs.

Should not be advertised as having a waterfall. You can only get to the waterfall by hiking an additional 3.6 miles to Douglas Falls. Overall disappointing hike. If you go after a rain the clouds will hide any sort of view from the trail.

11 days ago

we came completely unprepared with our 1 yr old and 3 yr old. our 1 yr old was carried by her daddy 98% of the time and our 3 yr old walked up it all by herself. she got carried on daddy's shoulders for half the way down.
we didn't bring any water except the 1 yr old bottle that me and her big sister took a drink of at the top of the mountain.
regardless of hardly being able to move today because I'm out of shape for the last 10 yrs. and because I forgot tennis shoes so I got a pair at dollar general that were 1/2 size to big.
it was still worth every step. so beautiful.
wish I would have got this app sooner to record our progress which was roughly 3.5 hours!!! lol :)

Very easy trail to see a beautiful waterfall. Dog friendly on leash.

Beautiful falls! Worth the hike!

Lots of up and down over a short distance. Good for cardio training. Stop for a snack on the rocky overlook at the top of Little Butt (right side as you hike away from the parking lot).

14 days ago

Ahhhhh... Back in the Appalachians. Despite my relatively high ratings of trails in (flat) Michigan and Florida, this one is qualitatively different. Superb. The system needs more than five stars so that I can nudge those others down a bit, but this is a real five-star trail. Pretty, well maintained despite its popularity, hilly, green and alive with a variety of flora and fauna, and punctuated with a lovely waterfall that’s a great place to watch people, to get wet, to picnic or hang a hammock, and to marvel at Nature’s creative paths and tableaux during her slow march forward. P.S. Remember to enjoy the drive along the Bluegrass Parkway with plenty of time for stopping at overlooks.

nice, short trail. beautiful view at the top.

15 days ago

Hawkbill rock is a treat that should not be overlooked.

15 days ago

Great trail, beautiful waterfall

15 days ago

The trail head is quite hidden at the bottom of the turn up to Waterrock Knob but it makes for an exclusive adventure! Not many views on this trail but it’s beautiful and smells like Christmas!

Great hike, also makes a good through hike starting at Fisher Creek parking area.
Convenient if someone with your group doesn’t want to do the whole stretch of the hike which entails considerable accumulated elevation gain of 4650 ft they can drop you off at this trailhead and drive to Waterrock Knob parking area.
From there a very nice trail leads to Blackrock in less than 3 miles for a scenic meeting point.

Beautiful views, hiked on a cool sunny day, trail had some mud and several downed trees. Trail is not marked we parked at Browning Knob overlooked crosses the BRP and found an opening through the trees where the trail begins. Once on the trail trees are marked along the trail that guide you to the summit. Walked through berry bramble along the trail that grabbed at us . The rock climbing along the trail to arrive at the summit was challenging glad we had our hiking poles. The trail was up and down most of the way with beautiful views along the way. Once we arrived at the Blackrock Mountain summit the flies were very annoying but the view was 360 and beautiful. I would rate this trail more than moderate and the miles longer than stated.

Great hike after being off the trail for a long time . There are lots of beautiful flowers and trees to soak in .

19 days ago

nice waterfall!

20 days ago

The overlook at Hawksbill Rock is about 1.5miles down - you might as well turn around here. Not sure why the map here stops where it does - literally in the middle of the trail towards the Snowball fire tower, which is another 1.5 miles past where the Alltrails map ends. After a steep uphill most of the rest of the trail is downhill - good workout, but not much to see.

It’s a good hike to it but the terrain is kind of hard specially if you got kids with you! It takes a while to get to it! ...

The trail is beautiful and well maintained but even for two fit Floridians this trail was very difficult. I’d rate it much more than moderate.

Lots of uphill but worth it

as a beginner hiker I found this trail pretty challenging. I was able to do it, but the trail is pretty steep so be prepared, particularly for the way back as that is the up hill portion of the trek.

Probably one of my favorite hikes I’ve gone on recently, the beginning is a little boring but trust me it’s worth it later on

Wonderful, diverse, rugged and challenging with rewarding 365 degree views at the end. We took both of our 45-50lb Australian Shepherds and they handled the trail very well including navigating over the big rocks. The trail was up and down the whole way and just enough for us “vacation hikers”. We parked at browning knob overlook and walked down across the BRP into an opening in the trees where the trail started. There was nothing on the road to indicate there was a trail.

Decent easier hike with some nice vistas. Seeing the ruins was cool and crazy to imagine building a home that many years ago in the middle of nowhere on a mountain. Make sure to pay attention to the trail map/blazes when you get to the loop as another trial intersects. Parking is very limited, sort of just a small side runoff the road that can fit a few cars.

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