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A Blue Ridge Parkway experience is unlike any other, a slow-paced and relaxing drive revealing stunning long-range vistas and close-up views of the rugged mountains and pastoral landscapes of the Appalachian Highlands. Protecting a diversity of plants and animals, the Parkway meanders for 469 miles, providing opportunities for enjoying all that makes this region of the country so special.

13 hours ago

This is really more of a mountain biking trail. There's a couple of walking trails, but if you want to get back in to the woods, you're on bike trails. Which is fine, if you don't mind stepping out of the way of the bikers. It definitely a sweet place to bike, though.

Also, there is nothing hard about this trail. Very manageable for someone of any aptitude. My dog enjoyed it too!

on Snowball Trail

18 hours ago

19 hours ago

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1 day ago

Rough Ridge is now a favorite hike of mine. My sister and I hiked it 3 days ago. It is a great hike that can challenge the hiker to be sure-footed. Probably 85% of the trail is stones which to me was a lot of fun. I am 59 years old and it was a great work out. We saw many others who were much older than us thoroughly enjoying the hike. The hike is worth the climb as there are a few stops along the way where you can walk out onto boulders and drink into the beautiful views. At the top, we laid on the boulder and looked out at mountains for as far as the eye can see. This hike is great exercise and the rewards are the views in all directions. This is a hike I will repeat.

Found this trail by accident heading to Mt Mitchell. Short trail, gorgeous views. Worth the stop.

Great trail! Loved it!!

Good hike! I would rank a little better than moderate.

3 days ago

3 days ago

This is an excellent short hike with a great view