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A Blue Ridge Parkway experience is unlike any other, a slow-paced and relaxing drive revealing stunning long-range vistas and close-up views of the rugged mountains and pastoral landscapes of the Appalachian Highlands. Protecting a diversity of plants and animals, the Parkway meanders for 469 miles, providing opportunities for enjoying all that makes this region of the country so special.

11 hours ago

I tried finding this trail today and could not find it. Any tips on how to find it from the road?

Well I probably won't do it again as I am almost 60 and didn't realize the difficulty for someone in moderately good health. BUT, it was breathtaking at the top and I was glad I did it. Also, my little dog Kali did too!

It would be a better trail if people stopped littering, vandalizing the bridges and overlooks with childish graffiti and picked up their dog's poop when he takes a dump in the middle of the pathway.

terrific trail. has everything you would want. sweeping vistas, ancient Forrest, babbling Brooks, dog friendly, keep track of kids as there are dangerous drop offs. great adventure!!!

Awesome and great hike any time of year!

4 days ago

on Sharp Top

5 days ago

Fairly easy hike while you are traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway. Bring a towel.

7 days ago

Great hike. A lot to see and look at.

8 days ago

Amazing waterfall and a nice hike in and out.