Photos of 17 Acre Wood Preserve Trails

First trail I found using AllTrails - pleasantly surprised! Densely wooded narrow trail with tight-gripping plants, more developed and wider bike/running trail. 2 bridges with water paths alongside. I got bug bites! In the middle of quiet neighborhood. I started on the Ellerbee Creek trail part off Albany Rd. A dirt trail through fairly thick and close vegetation. Heard LOTS of bird chirping and singing. You can also walk/run/bike along the wider asphalt(?) trail that runs basically parallel, but I went the explorer route. Crossed back over Albany to the more developed Indian Trail part. This is where I saw the exercise stations. Another bridge with a dirt trail along the creek if you feel adventurous. Also a wide open grass field - frisbee/picnic/stargaze? There is a parking lot off Indian Trail Rd alongside Hillandale Golf Course. I love Duke gardens, Battle Park, and Eno River, but this was a fun, quick, and secluded adventure!

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