1 month ago

Hiked the teal trail from the parking area on Ludingtonville Rd. Lots of uphill at first but not overly taxing. Parts of the trail are stone steps in the area leading up to Wonder Lake. I considered going up to Bald Hill on the way to see if there was a view but decided against it. Once you get closer to the lake, the teal trail winds down gently toward the lake, then continues to follow the lake shore line until you are about half way around. Some very nice peaceful lake views. Once the teal trail separates from the lake it’s more woodland hiking, with lots of nice ups and downs and some stream crossings, until you come to the pond. There’s a bridge over the spillway at the far end of the pond, then the teal trail starts to climb again, until it meets up with the blue trail, which rises and then falls, taking you back where you started. No really spectacular views but a very peaceful hike. Once you get over by the lake you can no longer hear the noises from I-84.