Gorgeous hike, several lakes with great views and a massive beaver dam! Only reason not 5 stars is maintenance of the trail could’ve been better, some fallen trees and trail markings could be better, but if you look you’ll see the trail markers. Overall great hike, worth it.

spend a day 3 awesome lakes to view Huckleberry lake great fishing with a boat.

My family hiked into Huckleberry Lake. The trail was clearly marked. There were a few trees down across the trail, but no mud. The swimming at Huckleberry Lake was awesome, as this was a super hot day. The bugs were bad on the trail, but ok if you kept moving and wore a hat. The breeze at the lake kept the bugs at bay and we were able to spend over an hour hanging out and swimming. (I would not recommend doing this hike with small children until bug season ends. You need to be able to move swiftly to avoid the mosquitos and deer flies.)

A couple of days ago my family and I we seeking a family hike. When we got there we got on the trail and everything was happy, but this didn’t last for long. An hour our two in the hike I look at my phone and saw our dot a centimeter off the red line. This wasn’t the happy hike I had thought we were stuck in the forest on our family fun hike. I had worn shorts that I now regret, I’m walking through pine tree branches left and right. There are scratches on my legs, and not to mention 20 mosquitoes eating my face Then my older son yells that he found the trail. That was a relief, I was pooping my pants. We were at the beginning of the trail though so we ended up back tracking and finding out where we had gone wrong. So, it was al fine again until we come up to these trees. They’re kind of in the water and on one of them is a big fat trail marker. We walk around the lake and find ourselves on the trail. We walk we see beaver dams and see more water in-front of us oh and did I mention the bugs I swallowed two and it made me puke. They were terrible,biting through my clothes. We got stuck we look around for a trail marker and my older son again, saved the day. We walked balk to the car, I felt accomplished, but never again!!!!!

First part of loop is beautiful, there were a few downed trees. After passing the second lake, we did not take the trail to Wolf Lake, but it is clearly marked. We kept on the path back to the starting point, but this part of trail was not well marked. Much of the trail was underwater for good stretches, due to beaver dams. (Which was a still a neat site) There were a lot of ticks - be prepared for that. The trail was not too hard to get back on too, but wasn't the easiest.