Wittman Dam

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22 days ago

Not hard to find: NY 7 to the Old State Road sign, straight east under the railroad tracks, past several streets on the left. Wittman Road is the first right (after N Broome Rd on the left). Wittman is just a gravel driveway for a family home, with "No Parking" signs at the trailhead. I asked a dogwalker and she said to park along Old State Road near Wittman. This trail would be much better with a few trail markers or map signs. If I make a set, who should I talk to about posting them? A couple of miles of easy to medium-incline trails, mostly rocky. Only one muddy runoff area made me use edge of path. Great view of Binghamton once you finally get up there., and some view east downriver to Johnson City, Vestal, Endwell. Way too much trash; I picked up thirty flat or small bits, but if I'd brought a big bag I could have removed a bunch of bottles and cans.