Nice hike but to do a "loop" it's more like 6.5 miles which is fine
Micro spikes were a must have on 3/5
Did a lot of Creek crossing which was a bit scary

4 months ago

I had a really nice time with this trail. There was lots to see and minimal people on the day I was there. I almost made it all the way to Burnt Knob but stopped a little short since rain was in the forecast. Still got to take in some nice views at WHP. Altogether I made about a 9 mile hike out of it. This will be the one to beat for the rest of the season. Just mind the large rocks on the way back down. They can be a little slippery.

Great trail! Different areas make for different type of hiking and sight seeing. I loved the pine tree forest. I do recommend hiking boots though. There are a lot of rocks to step on, over, and climb up. It has been a hot dry summer so the trail was dry. I can see where it gets muddy in other seasons so be prepared for that.

11 months ago

I summited Windham High Peak (WHP) using the Escarpment Trail (blue markers) from the Cross Road Parking Area. You can also access WHP and the Escarpment Trail from the Peck Road Parking Area. You take the Elm Ridge Trail (yellow markers) which then connects to the Escarpment Trail. You reach the summit just after the 3500’ sign. There is a vista on the right of the trail with views of X. Continuing toward the summit, there is another vista on the left. The summit is denoted by a USGS marker embedded in the rock just past this view point.

Overall, the hike is a pretty steady incline that wanders through some old growth forests and would be suitable for older children (maybe 10 and older).

11 months ago

Great climb with my 2 boys, my friend and his four boys. Ages 6 to 11. The view was obscured by cloud cover when we got to the peak but quickly cleared in 10-15 minutes. Definitely will do it again in the summer.

Very good trail for moderate hikers. No big rocks to climb. 3 good views on top. Took us 4 hours there and back.

Pretty mellow compared to other mountains in the Catskills. Elevation gain will make you sweat and give you a decent cardio workout but nothing technical. Only took about 90 mins to get to the top at a moderate pace. Some very dense and very cool old growth pine wooded areas along the route up. A required hike for the Catskill 3500 club. Would have done Black Dome too had I had more time.