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strenuous and gorgeous. Pack your winter gear, it's really icy out!

nice trail, with great markings and signs. More of a moderate trail aside from a few short steep sections going up Blackhead from the Batavia kill lean to side. no view on Blackhead summit, I would say skip it and just head straight up Black dome on the red trail, perfect rock ledge with views there. nice spring on the red trail to refill water bottles.

this was good work out trail, views of blackhead mountain beautiful

Great hike beautiful views we hiked from Barnum road out and back camels hump has ok view black dome is breathtaking blackheads view is just past the summit shows you really how high you actually are amazing hike 10.4 miles out and back

2 months ago

Good trail to hike, especially if, like me, you're training for future goals. Not an easy trail, but not very difficult either. Nearly 1800 feet climb in just over 3 miles on a well marked trail. As is typical for many of the highly-used Catskill trails, some long stretches of exposed tree roots and rocks. Limited view to the south just before the peak, and an expansive view north just after the peak. (No view at the actual peak - just a survey marker in the trail.)

Challenging, scenic hike, removed from the worst of the Catskill Mountain summer crowds, with longer options easily available (adding Black Dome and/or Thomas Cole, specifically). Personally, I would recommend following this route in a clockwise direction (opposite to what’s posted here). There are several spectacular viewpoints along the trail; I especially loved looking up the spine of Black Dome, as we descended into the notch, after summiting Black Head.

Very challenging! Could have been more well marked, however, the route was pretty clear up. Beginning was beautiful.

First mile of the hike was beautiful along a stream - be mindful that you don’t accidentally end up taking the wrong trail (much more steep!). Would recommend it to anyone in the area; beautiful drive in too!

Although I would classify this trail as an ankle and knee-buster, I wouldn’t call it as hard. As others have described, the ascent is very gradual. However, the majority of the trail is composed of exposed rocks and roots and this nearly burned my knees out. I have been hiking on 6-9 mile trails out west this summer and this one was by far the worst on my joints. If you like to hike with poles, I’d highly recommend bringing them! Mine saved me on the way down and helped me keep my balance throughout.

2 months ago

This is a moderate hike with a few steep parts but not too bad. This hike is well worth it for the view which is stunning! Very windy and we anticipated rain so didn't spend a lot of time at summit. We will definitely be back for fall foliage.

So gorgeous I would hike this trail every day if I could

3 months ago

Hiked on the most perfect day we've had all summer 2018 - this is a beautiful trail. So much to see and experience, including the "spooky woods". I was a bit disappointed at the lack of views at the summit but was still a really great hike. I'd say on the moderate to easy side as it's a very gradual climb with many areas where it levels off enabling you to catch your breath. Coming down was a breeze, except for a few muddy areas. I'd love to do this one in the winter - it must be magnificent during/after a snowfall.

Stated at Big Hollow Road to Black Dome and part of the pass to Thomas Cole. Great view from the top of Black Dome!

Decent hike with spectacular views. Can't ask for more.

This is one of the easier 3500 mountains, so I'm not sure why it's rated 'hard'. In fact, this was the very first 3500 my wife and I attempted when we took up hiking . We're in our 50s and, at the time, were in pretty poor physical shape. Yes, there are some steep sections where you'll need to scramble and grab hold of trees or roots, but overall this is not a difficult hike. (Difficult or, more like it, exhausting would be the Table/Peekamoose mountains hike; we wobbled back to the car for the last mile or so that day.)

We hiked Windham on a cool October day and the foliage was just beautiful. There's no cannister on this hike. You'll find the summit fairly easily as it is right in the middle of the trail and you can practically trip over it. There are some nice views at the summit. Facing north, you'll be able to make out the Adirondacks on a clear day. Beware that the short steep sections may be too difficult for dogs to navigate without help.

Near the beginning of the hike is a set of new trails around some old cranberry bogs. Make sure you have the newest Catskill trail maps from the NY/NJ Trail Conference so you can take those as well if you want to lengthen the hike.

This is a pretty trail, lots of nice big flat river rocks and slate at the beginning and some fun little rock cliffs to climb up at the end. The summit is not clearly marked; I found a small outlook with some initials carved in the stone and figured that was my final destination. There is a wider outlook below the summit that is nicer to sit and enjoy the view. Overall, a very pleasant and challenging hike. The trail gets narrow and closed in at points and I did see a couple of rattlesnakes, so I will probably take extra precautions if I hike this again.

An average hike. Has a nice lookout BUT we saw lots of snakes!

Second time hiking this mountain. Gets a little difficult towards the top but worth it!

5 months ago

We hiked on a day with temps in the high 80’s, but it was nice in the woods. The trail is very nice and very well marked. Most of the way, it felt like a nice walk in the woods. I’d say it’s on the easier side of moderate. The only downside is the limited views on the summit, which is typical of the Catskills, but since we do a lot of hiking in the Adirondacks, it is definitely not the same rush when you get to the top. Bring bug spray for the black flies, but the bug spray worked well and they didn’t bother us much unless we stopped in the woods to rest. The little breeze on the top kept the bugs away and allowed us to enjoy lunch. We took about 4 hours round trip, plus 30 minutes on top.

The trail starts off next to a beautiful creek full of falls and has a forest that is covered in moss. very cool setting to hike through. The trail gets step and very rocky in some sections but the views from the top are worth it. one of my new favorite trails and will be returning soon.

This trail is one of my favorites. Challenging but fun! Best part is coming down and you pick up the pace and can run it. Steep inclines for a majority of the hike make it challenging. Easy to follow and navigate and clearly marked. Walking through the woods is kind of magical in its own way. If you are hiking it in winter you most definitely need traction.

9 months ago

What a great winter hike! We did this on a beautiful February day and got great views through the trees for the last mile (plus a few vistas near the summit). Pretty quick hike- we got down in around 4 hours with a long lunch break and slow/moderate pace. Not many people around in the winter. Parking (on Peck Rd) easy to find and spacious. *You absolutely need traction if attempting this in the winter.* A couple people we saw were trying without, and it did not look pleasant. Most of the trail is a solid slab of ice covered with a little snow. But with spikes- great hike! Would love to do it again in the summer and stay in the lean-to.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

I loved this trail. It was steep in some areas which meant a good work out and we caught some great views of the big mountains. My track included all 3 peaks on the range and it was winter. Check out my full review along with pictures and some things to look out for.


Sunday, November 12, 2017

As difficult as it sounds. Be sure to have good tread and hiking poles to take on the ice patches

Saturday, November 04, 2017

This was a nice easygoing hike down in the Catskills. I really enjoyed the views of the Blackhead Range as we were hiking up to the summit. There’s a part of the trail where the tree roots are all over the trail. There was 3 good lookouts close to the summit.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Very well marked and very woodsy, there’s a part where you walk through a pine tree forest. Rocky for some parts. Views are amazing.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Very nice challenging hike; it's not 4.8 miles though ... my GPS said 5.6 ... be ready to sweat and workout

Beautiful fall leaves in mid October. Also went left on the blue trail to go up burnt knob. Nice view points!

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Very scenic hike. Trail clearly marked. Go after a rainfall.

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