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13 days ago

What a great winter hike! We did this on a beautiful February day and got great views through the trees for the last mile (plus a few vistas near the summit). Pretty quick hike- we got down in around 4 hours with a long lunch break and slow/moderate pace. Not many people around in the winter. Parking (on Peck Rd) easy to find and spacious. *You absolutely need traction if attempting this in the winter.* A couple people we saw were trying without, and it did not look pleasant. Most of the trail is a solid slab of ice covered with a little snow. But with spikes- great hike! Would love to do it again in the summer and stay in the lean-to.

3 months ago

I loved this trail. It was steep in some areas which meant a good work out and we caught some great views of the big mountains. My track included all 3 peaks on the range and it was winter. Check out my full review along with pictures and some things to look out for.


As difficult as it sounds. Be sure to have good tread and hiking poles to take on the ice patches

3 months ago

This was a nice easygoing hike down in the Catskills. I really enjoyed the views of the Blackhead Range as we were hiking up to the summit. There’s a part of the trail where the tree roots are all over the trail. There was 3 good lookouts close to the summit.

Very well marked and very woodsy, there’s a part where you walk through a pine tree forest. Rocky for some parts. Views are amazing.

Very nice challenging hike; it's not 4.8 miles though ... my GPS said 5.6 ... be ready to sweat and workout

Beautiful fall leaves in mid October. Also went left on the blue trail to go up burnt knob. Nice view points!

Very scenic hike. Trail clearly marked. Go after a rainfall.

Great trail with amazing views

This hike is very much about the journey and not the destination. Beautiful forests, streams and a couple good views. Took the advice of others and went clockwise. Glad we did.

Good challenge but not much of a view. I'd probably have gone clockwise on this loop instead of counterclockwise, the northeast part is a pretty steep incline that wasn't too much fun to descend when wet.

We did the full loop and really enjoyed it. Took about 3.5 hours with a 20 min lunch stop. Acra point was not marked but we think it was a pretty overgrown view.

20/39 and the prettiest so far. A really nice walk through the woods. Great to do alone to find some peace of mind. Walking through the woodland floor was wonderful. A little rain early on didn't spoil a thing. 15 newts on the way up and 3 snakes on the trail right after the summit. Done in 2:59.21

7 months ago

Great trail. Currently very wet and muddy. Making for treacherous footing. Prepare accordingly.

on Escarpment Trail

8 months ago

Completed the full Escarpment trail 3 weeks ago, 2 days 1 night. Awesome trail, great views, a real grind. I traveled south to north (left a car at 23/Elm Ridge parking). Going the other way would be just as strenuous.

Well marked peaceful trail. Good challenge through out. So quiet you can literally here the trees creaking in the wind. Would do it again and recommend

Went upfrom Big Hollow Road to Black Dome then down and over to Black Head with my son and 2 grandson age 10 and 11. Beautiful views would do it again in a heart beat.

Good views from either direction on the way up, no views from the summit. Took my girlfriend and I about 5 hours and that was stopping to eat twice. Probably easier to veer left at the fork and ascend the steep side first, but we had no issues descending it and I would prefer going down it rather than up it. Lots of wild flowers this time of year. We thought it was a fairly easy hike compared to some others we've done.

Includes Windham, one of the 35 high peaks of the Catskills. 4 great lookout points off the sides of the trail. Need to stray a bit from trail to get all the view points. Chiseled into the rock at the viewpoints are the names of adventurers who came before you and the year in which they visited. The earliest date I saw was 1851. (See photos)

Starts out wet with lots of small water crossings. Then it's straight up the east approach. While tough and sometimes requiring 4 points of contact I would rather ascend this section instead of descending it. Coming back down the west side between blackhead and blackdome has loose footing the entire way down the col making slow going. Not many views at the summit. But a great early morning hike.

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