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Started very early (with headlamp) and witnessed daybreak on top of Marble Mountain. Needed to put on crampons about 1 hour in. Herd path to Esther is fun and easy to follow even if there is no view once there. No mud today as everything is frozen. I found the last portion up Whiteface is not as steep or strenuous as others like Algonquin or Marcy. Since the road was closed to traffic, I decided to use it to get back to my car and enjoyed many more views than those on the trail. Total time including short breaks: 6.5 hours, milleage 12.3

Awesome hike! I did this with my dog last week, for the most part it was pretty easy terrain, towards the top it did get a little rocky and I did have to lift him up at some points because he couldn’t jump that far. It was very cold and windy at the top as well which he wasn’t a fan of. Overall the hike was great! So beautiful. It got pretty muddy half way through so make sure to wear appropriate boots for it!

1 month ago

Short, easy hike. Really nice view.

Beautiful Day Sunday 10/14. The first two miles got the legs burning and lungs working. Great Views from Marble Mountain. Enjoyed a muddy trip over to snow frosted trees on Esther. The contrast of snow topped pines and color changed foliage below made for great pictures.

As we headed up to Whiteface, we had views for days. Clear skies and low winds made the top a great place for lunch. I'd strobgly reccomend microspikes or crampons for the rest of the season. The rocks above 4000 feet were quite icy.

GPS said 10.4 miles. Took 6.5 hours including 45 minutes of breaks. *Spent the day with our 6'5 runner friend leading* allow 7-8 hours

Almost run entire way up in 2.5 hrs to make sunset, exhausted. What a race!

Very beautiful sunset!

From autumn colours to snowy winter on top and iced road at the end, you would experience huge different landscapes which makes the hiking very exciting.

Very muddy in certain area indeed.

Coming down taking memorial highway, which closed in Oct. Took 2 hrs. Clear night, star shining and Milky Way is high up in the sky. But it ends in a different trailhead. We were so lucky to meet a family from Tennessee. They drove us to our car. Big thanks here!

Overall, perfect and excellent hiking.

1 month ago

What a great hike. We started from the observatory parking lot and of course added Esther for a total of 10 miles. Check out my full write up.

So pretty! Right off the hwy! Can't beat the beauty!

1 month ago

A beautiful 1+ hour hike. We took the right hand fork - it was a wide flat trail for the first half mile with the rocky inclines thereafter. The trails are well marked but with all the options and trail crossings, best to check the app periodically to ensure you don’t get off the proposed loop. At the far end you end up in a Whiteface Mountain parking lot. Take a hard left and cross over to access trail system back to starting point. The remainder of hike is a gentle downhill on a wide trail with views of the river.

1 month ago

Hiked this trail on Mother’s Day by myself and enjoyed the peaceful surroundings immensley. Not a soul for miles. At the leanto I heard lots of peepers and sat on the rock watching the many salamanders swim around for about an hour. There were about 5 or 6 blowdowns on the way and on my way back I lost my grey w/blue hood Whiteface Mountain sweatshirt. Guess I didn’t tie it tight enough. (If anyone reading this found it please email me:))
Went back with a friend this Wednesday hoping to find it. But no luck
This time we went all the way straight through to the Bonnieview trailhead. With all of the leaves on the trail it was hard to not twist both ankles. But we made it in 5 & 1/2 hours.

1 month ago

Amazing views, good workout, all in all a fun hike! Pretty steep in some spots.

Anyone that thinks this mountain is steep, has never climbed a steep mountain. It is steeper if you go left at the fork instead of right. The view is best from the 1st vantage point if you go right at the fork. A few more good landings away from the crowd if you continue on the summit loop. Suitable for children.

It was an excellent hike. After Marble Hill the trail does get pretty wet, and I’m not even talking about the trail to Esther. No visibility from the top today but it was still worth it! It took me 3 hrs and 20 min up and 2 hr and 20 min down.

1 month ago

This was a really beautiful hike with great fall colors. It was pretty muddy, especially Esther, but still a fun hike!

First mile of so up Marble is pretty rocky and straight. Some great views where it meets the trail up from the Wilmington Reservoir - foliage was at peak and absolutely spectacular. Then it was a pretty wet, rocky slog all the way to Esther. The side trail to Esther is basically half a mile of mud to get to a wooded summit with a plaque. If you’re not doing the 46 I wouldn’t bother. The trail up to Whiteface, on the other hand, has tons of great views, especially once you approach the wall below the highway. On the day I visited the summit of Whiteface was clouded over but I did get a lot of great views on the way up.

Belle courte randonnée pour se dégourdir les jambes . Très belle vue pour une si petite montée! Vaut le détour si vous êtes de passage à Wilmington pour la nuit et que vous avez que très peu de temps.


I solo trekked this nice and slow with stops for photos on the way up. From this starting marker is 10.4 miles round trip not including Esther, so that should be updated. It was very muddy after all the rain last night. Worth the hike but took me about 8.5 hours solo with my short legs with some breaks and soaking up the sun and at the top.

1 month ago

Easy walk in the woods that overlooks a beautiful view at the “summit”

I would have brought thin gloves with me as it was cold and starting to ice towards the summit. Long sleeves and another layer would be appropriate. It was a beautiful day and challenging hike. There was a lot of water on a lot of the trail too.

This hike feels long. It is steep but consistent and the last part from the cairn to the top of Esther is very very muddy when wet. Also, The summit view is....well there is no summit view. Just a plate to mark Miss Esther's ascent. We ended up eating lunch there but it's very small, surrounded by trees and near the plate is a tiny path that people use as bathrooms. Not so nice.... That being said the trail is pretty. lots of flowers and butterflies. we did it in 6hrs with two dogs and two kids age 6 and 9.

did this about a month ago with my mother and 7 year old cousin, took us about 45 mins to get to the top (mom has a new hip so we took it slow) got a bit lost, as there were yellow trail markers too.

Quick, but steep, with a decent view. Ascended on the right side of the summit loop and attempted to descend on the opposite, but the trail wasn’t as well marked so decided to double back until we’re more familiar with it.

perfect place for a picnic lunch

The view from Whiteface is fantastic! Walking around the summit you'll get a 360 degree view that on a clear day lets you see Montreal. There's a short dip from the parking lot after which the first mile or so is a steep incline following a tow path. There is some scrabbling toward the top of Whiteface after you pop up by the road, but otherwise it's a path with some rockier sections. The spur off to the summit of Esther is the easiest part-- it's a rolling forest path. No view from Esther, just the plaque letting you know you got there.

Easy spot to get to you as it is close to the road. Tall cliffs and little waterfalls make for an enjoyable sights

Vraiment une belle trail pour les courtes sorties. Parcous assez facile ce qui est bien quand tu veux y aller relaxe . Une nuit passé au lean to m'a permis d'écouter des cris d'animaux que j'avais jamais entendu. Le parcours à par contre besoin d'une petite restauration mais sans plus. Jai apprécié

Coming from a group of fit 30 yo, this was a great yet strenuous hike (and that's without the detour to Esther) Enjoy the the first flat part, as it gets pretty steep about 2k in. Trail is well maintained and beautiful. Views on top are very nice, but somewhat crowded and less of "lost in nature" vibe. Many people get there by car. Washrooms hard to find. Overall, great hike, would def recommend. Took us 7h including one hour lunch break. Have fun!

I can't lie, this one kicked our butts! Started at the reservoir at 7am, before the parking lot gets full. Marble Mt. seemed like it was never going to end! The little break at the top of Marble was much appreciated, and the going to Esther was much easier after that. Made it to Esther in 3 hours. Not much to see from the top of Esther and the trail was VERY muddy. Trail back up to Whiteface wasn't bad. We made it to the summit of Whiteface at 5 hours. Cloudy with no views, unfortunately. Headed back down and made it back to the car at 9 hours after a slow downhill- we are very cautious on the downhills. I never know how people go so fast! Total time: 9 hours Total Distance: 13.5 miles

Quick hike when you need to be on a mountaintop but don’t have a lot of time.

2 months ago

Great Trail, lots of bang for your buck! Views are amazing!

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