We did a bushwhack via the Fisherman Trail. Going this way you need permission from the landowner. This way you hike along old logging roads. There was a lot of flat sections on the ascent that helped with the climb. There’s a really nice viewpoint along a ledge looking down into the campground.

I only hiked Mount Sherrill from Shaft Road. The weather was nice and there was no snow in the lower elevation. The summit had snow but nothing major. Overall it was a decent hike.

great hike for sure.. definitely a steep climb up north Dome..

This hike is probably the most underrated one in the Catskills. People don't like it, I'm told, because it's a little difficult to navigate, there's much private land to avoid and stinging nettles abound. I felt it was a great challenge though. Should only be rated "hard" in the sense that it can test ones navigational skills.

I completed this route in 2016 as I worked towards my Catskill 35s. The steep ascent up North Dome was enjoyable and strenuous; some views to be had in the right season. This is a great hike to test your newbie navigation skills. The hike up Sherrill is also strenuous but shorter.

Saturday, November 08, 2014

I did this hike end to end with a car shuttle. Started at the Spruceton Rd DEC Parking Area and hiked the red-blazed Devil's Path for about .7 of a mile and jagged right crossing a small stream and headed for a ridge coming north off North Dome. Once you leave the Devil's Path the rest of the trail, to the finish, is a bushwhack. Once I made the ridge it was a straight shot to the summit. The canister at the summit is a little harder to see when the leaves are off the trees and snow is on the ground, but range around a bit and you should be able locate it. Coming off North Dome heading west to Sherrill, I made for the center of the col between North Dome and Sherrill. There are several ways up Sherrill if you do a map recon but none of them look any better than the others so I just shot a dead-straight azimuth up the mountain and followed it to the summit canister. It should be noted that the east side of both mountains is covered in boulders and ledges. One after another. You should be in good hiker shape to attempt these two peaks. Once I crossed over Sherrill I headed basically west, down hill for nearly 2.5 miles to the DEC Parking area at Shaft Rd, off Hwy 42. My total distance was 6.3 miles and it took me 5 hours 30 minutes exactly. I normally like post my gpx track but on the trail-less peaks I don't do that. You'll enjoy the hike more if you find the canister on your own!

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Sunday, May 28, 2017