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I did a 6 mile loop and it was phenomenal. Great botanical diversity and nice water features. I went early in the morning and had the place nearly to myself. I was tired by the end of my hike but not exhausted. I climbed the equivalent of 20 flights of stairs which is pretty decent. Definitely a good, regular hike for seasoned hikers but not too bad for beginners. I saw a guy trail running although I wouldn't have ventured that. There is a fee to park but if you like nice woodland (native plants and animals), for your hike, it's worth it.

Nice set of trails, varied terrain, streams to cool off in. Lots of wild raspberries and blueberries when we went July 24th.

4 months ago

This is one of many trails from the top of Michigan road. It is the easiest and the shortest. Try the yellow, red, or the RT from the same spot for more challenge.