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trail running
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The northern section of the loop mapped in this app, 3 stars. Primary: Well kept & maintained mostly cinder path. Secondary: wide & narrow of dirt, grass, & roots. Apparently well traveled by horses as there was manure throughout.
The southern section of the loop mapped in this app, 1 star. Primary path: Beginning on Tyhe western end traveling south east was a cleared path of dirt, grass, & rocks. After about 1200 meters it devolved into an uneven rocky path only vehicles or hikers in covered gear should attempt & then further down only if on horseback. After that it becomes blocked by thick brush & virtually impassable even with a machete. Thankfully I had GPS & a signal seeing how much further I had to go. The only reason I even contemplated going further is due to all the brush I suffered through to get to where I was, but now seeing the trail was all but non-existant I turned back. Half maybe three quarters of the south east loop mapped here is nonexistent. I became very anxious as I was alone. Eventually I made it back feet & legs wet, muddy (see photos), & somehow tick free. Started out a good experience that ended horribly.

2 months ago

I don't know how because it's just a loop, but we ended up going the wrong way. it was very buggy, a little stinky. not my favorite hike at all.

3 months ago

Map doesn't match trail either.

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4 months ago

We hiked this trail last Friday. We ended up taking a wrong turn during the hike due to there being no trail markers. Our 5 mile hike turned into a 7 mile hike. I really enjoyed walking along the canal tow path. Really neat! Lastly, I want to make note that the following day after this hike we found 11 ticks total on my dog. Either leave your pets at home or make sure they are up to date on their flea and tick meds!! Check yourself and your pets after the trail. We will not be returning.

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6 months ago

Nice day to check out old Lock 19 on the Erie Canal. The re-surfaced trail was great to walk on and the critters were out enjoying the spring sun.

Trail is not marked. Easy to get lost when there is snow covering the trail.

7 months ago

on Vischer Ferry Trail

9 months ago

Trail is not marked, but is relatively easy to follow so long as you know where you are going. Take your time looking at the map and think about it before you go off the main trail. However, even if you do get lost the place is not very big, just give yourself ample time to get back to your car. Keep your sense of direction in relation to the river and you should be fine, when you're going back on one of the shortcuts back your back should be to the river.

10 months ago

November 2016: Trails aren't marked and it's easy to walk off on what appears to be a trail (and easy to get lost). I also think the map at the entrance is outdated. There are many large trucks parked on the trails.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

closed oct 8 - 14 2016