A little muddy of a trail after light snow the night before... Relatively easy of a trail, well marked (blue and white blaze). Lovely scenery with a great number of different trees adding to the variety!

We tried this one the last weekend in April. There were no signs or no trail markings. The entrance to what we believed was the trail was partially blocked by brush piles. We walked around it but It was too wet due to late snow melt. We probably went a mile up the road and turned back at the high point. It was quiet as a church with dense pine on one side and deciduous forest on the other.

Great hike, worth the drive. Fairly remote parking area. Great elevation changes and the hollow area is magical. The lean to is well kept as is the trail.

I enjoyed this hike. We took the red blazed trail, looping out to the communications tower and back (marked as the highest point in the trail).

Overall, the trail was not very well kept, with a fair amount of down debris, chopped up muddy spots and at times overgrown. Frequent use by horses was evident in the trail's condition as well.

In the loop that we took, there were no real significant geographical features to marvel at and only one decent scenic overlook. In the end, it was a nice walk in the woods (and we had the place to ourselves).