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1 month ago

One of my favorite Rochester mtn biking parks. GROC has done a great job maintaining these trails. I also frequent these trails for running with my dogs

I used to play paintball here as a child. I like that it's still managed and available for hikes .

6 months ago

Lots of Deer flies, most trails washed out by running water, bad smell near Tryon Park rd. from drain under 590.

6 months ago

Not a bad place to explore around. There was a garbage and broken glass (and a not so hot smell) in some areas. The trails themselves were good, but I would rather do Bay Trail or Lucien if I am in the area. They are cleaner and roughly similar in difficulty and have more opportunities to get near the water.

7 months ago

Out of the 3 trails in that area - Bay and Rifle Range it ranks 3rd for me for hiking. It looked to be great for biking and overall a good little hike. There is broken glass and garbage laying around in spots and it is right next to 590. I would recommend one of the other two just a little further north.

10 months ago

Not as good as the Leastman Trail

mountain biking
Monday, January 02, 2017

A great network of trails that span all the terrain, fast and flowy with some technical parts. I often take my dogs and they run with me, they'll go swimming too! Strongly recommend.

There are endless amount of trails for any desired duration and distance. Great winter hiking.

Friday, July 08, 2016

For me this is a mountain bike trail. Have never seen a hiker. Trails are challenging ups and downs. Numerous offshoots in all directions. Enjoy

mountain biking
Tuesday, March 31, 2015

There are many trails in Tryon Park and they are great for mountain biking, hiking, trail running, snow shoe, cross country skiing and other related activities. As I understand it the "Lost City of Tryon" is actually in the old Ellison Park Extension on the other side of the creek from Tryon Park so I am not sure if this is a review of the same park in the heading. Also, the trail network is longer than 1.7 miles so it is hard to put a number on it. Depends on choices of offshoots.

As a mountain biker Tryon is one of my favorite trail system because it is so close to the city yet has fairly challenging trails and seems so remote! It takes a few times to find all that is in there because it has numerous access points and trail offshoot circuits. Something for everyone and a nice place to get a quick hour or less ride in or extend it out by connecting it with one of the the other 4 parks. Tryon is excellent for night rides as well but I would advise going with at least one other person for both protection and to pick up the pieces in a crash. Sometimes you get groups of young adults in there at night that I have never had any issues with but others have. I have maybe seen a couple people here and there but it is usually empty of people day and night other than riders.

There are 4 parks in the immediate area around Irondequoit Bay and Creek. Tryon is the most technical and has the hardest climbs with a lot of rocks and roots but, anyone that has had intermediate experience will not have many if any issues. Some beginners have complained it is to hard and dangerous in parts but I learned to ride there and do not feel it was all that difficult.

Anyone looking for a beginner park should go right next door to Bay Park West. Like Tryon it is a multi-use park so mountain biking is allowed much to the disappointment of trail fascist groups like "People for Parks" that have no problem allowing their dogs to run off leash but expect everyone else to follow the "rules" and only enjoy the parks all of our taxes pay for in a way THEY think is fun and acceptable..

The other two parks are on other side of Irondquoit Creek and the Bay from Tryon. They are both very nice and have great trails but mountain biking is not yet allowed. If you do ride there just be aware it is not legal but is basically the same as a parking violation or having YOUR DOGS OF LEASH as the trail fascists often do. I have no problems with dogs running free of the leash at all, I have two dogs myself. I just have a problem with hypocrites that are so quick to yell at others while breaking the rules and claiming it is "not the same thing as mountain biking...." Duh, it the municipal leash code, not trail restrictions code but, still THE LAW as you like to point out.

OK, sorry all I just had to put that out there. It is annoying and we have had a difficult battle getting our parks closer to what the rest of the nation is doing and actually encouraging outdoor activities that young and old can enjoy. No wonder Rochester is losing such a high percentage of its "young" people . The job market and for some the weather, is bad enough. Why not at least try to allow more activities "young professionals" educated here can enjoy?

FYI, there are a number of sites that have trail maps from others that have mapped rides, runs, hikes, etc. You can just Google trail maps for the area and they will be there if you are not able to find them here.

Sorry for my rant :)

Good luck and enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

to hike just for hiking sake it good

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Love this park but it is a little secluded (I'd recommend going with someone) - great for mountain biking. Bust out your snowshoes in the winter and hit this park.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

If I am thinking of the correct trail, this trail takes you along a ridge with a gorge with a stream in it and the expressway on the other side of the gorge and it is a somewhat larger loop than the lower trail which does not take you up above the park the way this ridge trail does. More recently there are multiple other trails running down into the park on the opposite side of the gorge. This trail gets steep in places and it would be easy to slip on the trail if it was muddy after a good rain. There is also a very little known part of the park on the gorge side as the ridge takes a 90 degree turn towards Irondiquoit creek and the bay. This trail will then connect with the lower loop trail to lead you out of the park. The entrance of this trail can now be found near the new parking lot that they opened for the public. Previously this was some sort of municipal fenced off area but they turned it into a parking lot. Good thing too because going in the opposite direction you would come to a very steep trail to descend, but now you can come out right in the parking lot.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I grew up in this park and it has changed a lot over the years. When I was a kid there were almost no trails in here and sometimes teens would drive motorized dirtbikes through the park.
Lots of nighttime bonfires happened here.
There used to be a huge pipe running over head, high above the forest floor not far from the entrance but recently it has been taken down. Apparently someone fell off it and died 30 or 40 years ago.
Lots of mountainbiking here now too which I did when I was younger, but these are hard trails to bike on so be forewarned. Many more trails built by the community and a lot more people hiking around define this park today. Unfortunately you no longer see the deer in this park that used to be there.
This park may have been used for some sort of waste disposal many years ago as Irondiquoit bay was a big sewage pond for Rochester and the surrounding areas, but that was prior to the 1950s and this park has recovered greatly. You can see remnants of some sort of structure in the lower part of the park where the trees open up if you go off the trails a little. Also you can see the remains of several wrecked cars that were driven down there when you used to be able to bring a vehicle further into the park.

Friday, March 16, 2012

the wife and I love this park. it is very close to home and I walk the dogs here all the time!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hike here with the dogs a bunch. Not that much to see but its a good place to get out too for some exercise

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