Fantastic hike. This was our groups Plan B, as the Adirondacks Loj trailhead was very overcrowded, parking was over 2 miles down the road past the bridge! We were not disappointed as this smaller peak was very challenging and rewarding.

Amazing hike, but a tough scramble near the summit. Got a little bit lost going up. Look for cairns, pay attention to footprints and tree limb barricades directing you to the easiest path to follow up. Also, look for blazes on trees and the rocks. Excellent views on top and had complete solitude on this Sunday afternoon.

2 months ago

Great mountain and views. Overall a fairly easy climb aside from the chimney and some of the open rock segments.

Would try again with hiking partners, for me it was just too dangerous alone, so I couldn't get to the top. Next time ! :)

3 months ago

Beautiful and I love the chimney

Great hike! It took my friend and I 2 hours to complete total! Open rock at the top which could be tricky for inexperienced hikers. Great view at the top!

Absolutely incredible! And breathtaking views

LOVED THIS HIKE. Took our kids, it was their second time on this mountain, the first was when they were 10 (daughter) and 8 (son). Now they are 13 and 15. We loved it then and we loved it now. Lots of rock scrambling and the "chimney" crevice was so cool - you have to suck in your gut to squeeze through but it was fun. Maybe not for someone who is afraid of open rock or kids that have not climbed a lot before. - there are a lot of steep drop offs. We have hiked most of the 46ers in the area with the kids since they were 4 and 6 so they were not scared or terribly challenged. This was, for us, pretty easy and WOW what a view for not much effort! Trail starts out flat, then is relentlessly steep; then mostly rock scrambling/medium steep to top. Look for cairns and trail markers - it is easy to get lost. Took up an hour and 40 minutes to top, including several stops to take in the magnificent views.

Trail is steep and difficult at the end. We were very close to the peak but the last bit to get the top was too risky.

Visited as part of a bachelor party weekend. Listed as family friendly but I found it to be quite steep and the rock crevice path is not what I would have referred to as family friendly. Not for kids under 13.