This trail is super easy for anyone. Great spot to bring the kids too because it won’t be too hard for them. It was a bit short for my liking but I still loved the scenery

Really nice and easy trail! Definitely a great start for beginners.

Was alright, Easy trail, nothing special really. Lots of mosquitos when I went.

Brought two young children here- it was great for them to experience, and fun for us to hike together. Enough woodland and beautiful beach to explore for an afternoon.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

walk through the woods.

3.0 star rating
AN UPDATE TO MY APRIL REVIEW --- I just added two photos of the garbage dump that greeted my girl and I when we reached the shore after walking 1/2 mile through the woods . Graffiti was plentiful along the railings . We came to photograph the magnificent clutch of three young ospreys on the rock ( we did get some great photos of them and their mother ) . The large group of adults and kids who left this pile were all Spanish speaking , as were the adults we saw digging for clams with a 4' garden shovel ( in a group of about 20 ) .......Again , conditions at Jones Beach are bad enough , but this is a wildlife refuge . I did call Ranger Sharon Ware at Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge (headquarters for Long Island ) and left a message with Officer Donahue of the Fish and Wildlife service . In 30+ years of visiting and loving Target Rock , I have never seen anything like this . The platform is only about 100 -120 yards from the osprey nest on the rock . My recommendation was to post very visible signs in Spanish . The information billboard makes clear that Wildlife Refuges put wildlife first ; I pray those in charge work to uphold that mission .

5 photos

A beautiful place , like no other on Long Island , that mismanagement and public demands for more accessibility ( in a wildlife refuge !! ) have led to its beautiful bluff area being horribly scared by heavy equipment building a staircase to the beach !...Again , this is a wildlife refuge , not a volleyball court ! I will try to post some photos of what the place really looks like now . This is not a biking park , by the way , but again , a wildlife refuge !!!!!! I added six photos of how the shoreline looks now : the first three , on federal land , like a construction zone . The others , north of the sanctuary , bordering private land ; compare for yourself . Do real nature lovers really need so much invasiveness just 100 yards from trail's end to the beach ? Compare with the three photos taken further north ! I did suggest a delete of one of Mr. Kerjean's lovely photos , because that spot has been chewed up by heavy construction vehicles , and the trail intersection in the middle distance is now blocked by orange cones and a yellow plastic border . Perhaps the spot will look better when you visit ! Fortunately , the pond and sandspit south of trail's end have not been "improved upon " yet !

rock climbing
Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Great concept and I love it

Monday, March 14, 2016

Fun easy beach hike!

nature trips
Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Best spot to see an abundance of wildlife on Long Island in a single attempt. Well kept trail. Took to the rocky beach and found some critters scurring along under the rocks.

Saturday, May 13, 2017