Pleasant and easy 4.2 miles

12 days ago

Great hike for the views. Not much water nearby on the trail. Such as streams or rivers. Bring plenty of water for this hike. The markers are white paint as well. I ended up at Alander Mt. and hiked back in less than three hours.

What an amazing view!!! At least 100 miles of the Hudson Valley is laid out before you...through my binoculars I viewed Ninham Mountain fire tower in Carmel to the south and Albany to the north. The Hudson Highlands, Shawangunks, Catskills and the Heldebergs are clearly visible as well. Moderate hike with some easy scrambling up, also staying aware is a must trail is poorly marked in areas and climb up can be dangerous as well. Can't recommend this hike enough

Great hike. Lots of stream crossings but easy. Scramble up to meet SOuth T trail then nice walk to the view. Spectacular! Don't forget to take a left at the fenced in pipe to get back to Bish Bash falls parking lot. 11 year old thought the first mike was magical- we kept looking for gnomes

love this, a great adventure!

rock climbing
4 months ago

I've hiked this countless times it is by far one of my favorite hikes. The views are breathtaking and there's many other trails to other peaks. I've even hiked up with my one month old, it's a fairly easy hike only one part is difficult near the top. I would highly recommend it to bring kids on. I always go up through mt Riga it's much shorter and not challenging.

7 months ago

Great hike, highly recommend. Hike involves a little bit of climbing, but nothing that's too hard. Took the yellow trail to the white trail. Follow the white trail for about 40 mins to the peak.

Some steep climbing but mostly a walk through the woods and then some great views in all directions. Loved looking north to Mt Washington in the Berkshires. Up and back only takes a couple of hours altogether, unless you kick it at the summit or wherever.