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Beautiful fall day with foliage in rare form

Absolutely a beautiful hike. The snow hole was amazing and cold down deep. the ferns were beautiful. Went with my son, 30 and me 67. I wasn't in great condition to do this hike but I made it. 6 hours later...still worth the sweating.

Went first day of September and weather was beautiful. there are a few absolutely incredible views along the ridge. A few days of dry weather made for very little to no mud. I took my wife, children 6, 8, 10, 16, and dog and all managed the trails rather easily with a few breaks for the littlest. There was no snow in the snow hole but it was such a wonder of creation to look at and explore. The cave had to be 10-15 degrees cooler than the surface. I went with another family of 4 with two grade-school children. It really was a perfect hike on a perfect day.

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Snow is gone : ( Nice trail, couple of small views but nothing to write home about for this area.

This is a long trail with many up and downs-big ones! My friend and I did the entire 37 miles in 14:35 hours.... it was hard, but totally possible. I will say this, be aware, we encountered a man who was at a road crossing near the end of our hike and 5 hours later he was sitting in his car at 1:00am waiting for us at our start car at RT. 20... so scary, beware, and bring a weapon!!

Solid trail. As others mentioned, it starts quite steep for a short while in the beginning, but is otherwise probably more on the beginner spectrum. I've visited twice, both during summer. The first time I visited I entered the trail from the parking lot, and although still a nice hike, this does not take you to the snow hole. My next visit I realized you must enter across from the parking lot (look for a narrow, upward entrance just across the street marked by a small blue sign). We did not hike all the way into the hole, as we had a large dog and the space didn't look safe for her, but can attest the temperature was much cooler even near the top on a hot summer day. No amazing views, but that's to be expected on a hike of this altitude.

No views on this trail but a nice enough walk. The trail is torn up and muddy in spots from ATs... that's seems frequent in Mass though. The first hill is tough but after that it's mostly flat.

Great hike! There was still snow! This hike starts out with a short but steep incline, after that it is easy and great views. Will do again the fall to see the colors

Steepest climb 1st half mile and half mile before summit of Berlin Mt. Even though heavily posted at are ruining trail I think there would be more vistas in late fall

Nice hike... Not terribly steep or exhaustive. lots of beautiful fern meadows and mossy quartz rocks along the way. Muddy and weedy in some spots. The snow hole still is frigid and still has snow at the bottom.

Well marked, easy to follow. Quite steep for a short stretch at the very beginning and end but mostly rolling in between, with some steeper stretches to keep it interesting. Only one or two good views now that there's full foliage, and the Snow Hole itself wasn't that interesting, but a nice woods hike for a Sunday morning. Mostly dry and not too buggy. Fun to hike between multiple states.

Nice trail, well-marked. Decent views east and west from different vantage points, and some blowdown is across the trail in places not too far north of the Route 2 trailhead. Saw no one else on a nice Wednesday afternoon.

Hiked this about a month ago. There was lots of snow but doable without snow shoes. Looked like nice cross country skiing too! Don’t see what the fuss is about the snow hole, but it’s a good hike regardless

We did this trail after snows, followed by melting and then refreezing, so parts of the trail were ice, parts snow and parts dirt. It was no trouble when wearing microspikes. Nice trail, easy to follow with a clearing and view at the top.

We hiked today with micro-spikes and met a couple others with snowshoes. It’s a pretty easy hike with not much elevation gain. The views along the crest are great. It was a day with blue sky, cool (15 degrees), beautiful white snow and lots of animal tracks. If you are the first person on the trail after a snow you’ll want to wear snowshoes.

Been hiking the Snow Hole trail for many years. And it is a great easy trail for the whole family plus the family dog.

This trail should not be considered as hard. I would say moderate. A friend of mine did about 80% of it with a stroller! Most of the elevation gain happens at the beginning, and it is steep, but once you get to the top of this stretch it is much more gradual. At the end, the view is pretty nice, with a large opening looking outward to Williamstown/North Adams. You can see many windmills on adjacent hills. Otherwise, it isn't that rewarding.

Nice loop, no views during the summer when the trees have their leaves.

Still snow as of 6/29

I was hiking alone and I encountered a small bear about 1 mile in. I turned around, but I wish I got to see it!

There’s still snow in the snow hole. A great hike, perfect afternoon outing.

This should just be called "Snow Hole" and it's not difficult. Maybe we could rate it as Moderate for the average hiker, but if you're a trail runner, you can run the majority of it. Great trail though. Some views, varied terrain and, of course, the amazing Snow Hole.

Really awesome trail, everything was clearly marked and the views were stunning. will come back again.

Not actually difficult but a fun trail with lots to explore, diverse forest and the snow hole is pretty sweet!

Nice 6 mile round trip to snow hole and back. The trail starts across the street from parking lot. Cool quartz rock formations.

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