whitewater kayaking
3 days ago


Definitely one of the best trails on the island. The views are great and a lot of the paths are narrow.

One of the best.

Can make this hike last as long as short as you would like it be. Plenty of wild life and birds to see along the way. Can get a beach walk and mountainous feel hike all In one

trail running
2 months ago

I really like this trail, its one of my favorite trails to run and hike on Sundays, every month and every season it looks different. I like the view on the Bluff trail that overlooks the LI Sound, every day the tide is different. I usually start from Sunken Meadow Rd, then go to the Bluff, then down to steel bridge, then out to peninsula, then along LI Sound beach then back up to woods and back. takes about 40-60 min depending on hike or run and animal and flower and views. Good Solitude toward evening at sunset.

2 months ago

Lightly used trail that meanders through the woods along the tidal sunken meadow creek. Great spot to see deer and an abundance of ducks and herons. Starts in the park opposite the field two parking lot, on the road to the golf course. Ends along 25a.

Breathtaking views! Hike is all along the LI sound. Dog friendly trail and beach as well!