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Storm King State Park offers unsurpassed views of the Catskills and the Hudson Valley. Hikers and hunters enjoy this undisturbed green space. Park is undeveloped. There are no toilets and limited parking.

A favorite.

I did the orange trail to the teal and yellow trail and it immediately starts off with rock scrambling and a pretty steep climb. There are multiple beautiful views though. The snow made it a little slippery, but be sure to have a trail map on hand because there are quite a few trail intersections that made it confusing and easy to get lost.

It’s a nice moderate hike. Great views from the top. There are several trails within this hike. Easy to confuse the route even when following the signs, so it may require some navigation on your part. It’s great for novices and those who don’t want to drive too far up north. You can hear cars and see the road from some points of the hike, so that helps too

I love this trail. I've hiked it a handful of times and I still enjoy the vistas and lookouts. Moderate difficulty with a few points of extreme gradation. Takes about 3 hours to hike. Also significantly less traffic than on Anthony's Nose or Breakneck.

Good, short, moderate hike with a lot of rewarding views.

Beautiful, but be sure to wear micro spikes and bring poles as lots of snow in parts.

Did the trail covered in snow, it was lovely (as described). PLEASE have an understanding of the trail loop BEFORE arriving as the map at trailhead is sun-faded. Confusion can occur due to a few trail crossroads. I'm uploading a map pic. Highly recommend this trail!

Amazing views even on a foggy day.

I did the white then blue/yellow followed by the red. This should provide you the loop as shown on the map

We took the white trail (right side at entrance) to blue/yellow to red and I found this more rewarding as the views got better and better along the way. Minor scrambling at the end, but nothing my dog couldn't handle.

Gorgeous views all around. I would say besides some minor scrambling this hike is not hard at all. The way back is a lot of downhill

Excellent hike, views worth the climb.

Excellent hike for all ages. My 60 year old mother in law and 6 year daughter did it, although it was a stretch for them. Feels longer then 3.6 miles but that’s mostly because the vertical part takes about an hour. The views at the top are spectacular and rewarding. Highly recommend.

Incredible Hike. You cannot go wrong in the Hudson Valley. Check out my full write up with pictures and things to look out for.

Pretty quick and easy. Took white up and back to avoid too much rock scrambling. Great views

Great views and hike. For the experienced hiker start the loop on left and circle back with the white trail. For those not up for the scrambling just follow the white trail on the right up to storm king mountain for the Hudson view and head back on the same trail.

This was a fun trail — followed orange blaze up, a bit steep the the beginning with a bit of rock scrambling in a couple places. Areas were carpeted In leaves and the end was especially beautiful because it looked like fall. A bit of a gradual downhill for the most part at the end and then a short steep hike up to the road/parking lot. Not sure how tires and some metal machinery or appliances for stranded there right toward the end. Bed of leaves meant I had to pay extra attention to jagged rocks for foot placement.

Beautiful open forest in the beginning, incredible views from multiple lookouts on the way to the top.

Easy first half but the ascent in the second half will take it out of you.

Trail markers switch from white to blue to white again throughout the loop. Stay on blue for the views.

Beautiful in any season!

Absolutely loved it! Especially with all the fall foliage. I recommend going clockwise. The beginning is very easy “a walk in the woods” then it goes up steep rock steps but only for about 15 minutes. Overall pretty easy hike and breathing views.

Fantastic. Great climb. Some mild scrambling. Stunning foliage in the fall. Perfect view of the Hudson from the top. Sweaty climb to an easy stroll. Totally worth it.

This is a beautiful hike. Lots of view points and just gorgeous with the fall foliage. Get there early! The parking lot was half full when I arrived around 8:30 am and by noon when I left there was no place to park and people were parking down 9w. I went the red markers to blue to blue/yellow and then looped back on the white markers.

Amazing fall colors. Cannot imagine a better hike in the fall. Very accessible.

5 months ago

Great hike although the first mile on the white trail is boring. Multiple views from the blue trail are incredible though. Fall colors are just starting to peak and this will probably be gorgeous in a week or two. I'd definitely do it again. Clocked it at 4.34 miles though, not 3.6.

Great hike! Very steep at certain section! Missed the blue trail marker and reversed it! White to blue on the left instead of right! I think I preferred the trail that way instead of the way it's recommended! It's difinitely not 3.6 miles I clocked it at 5.4 miles starting from first parking lot on 9W going north! Not really any rock scrambling but many rock steps. Be careful of loose rocks especially going down and use bug spray. Take plently of water! I rate this a 7 out of 10. Great views!

5 months ago

Challenging hike... super views... be prepared to work...

Everything you want in a mtn hike... views the whole way.. you will def work for it though... super fun in the oc

I found the trail to be challenging with lots of rocky terrain. This was my first hike ever, but it was manageable. A previous commenter was very helpful in noting the simple directions of following the orange markers to ascend, continue to blue/yellow and then descend following white markers. The views were fantastic! great hike!

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