This hike was fast going along the Fisherman path and we ended hiking Rocky first by going up the shoulder of it from the Brook. The saddle in between Lone and Rocky was dense and very slow going. Once on Lone we can down the backside and made our time back up on the descent.

One of the best bushwhacks in the catskills!! A very well worn path all the way up both peaks. Also a very cool WW2 Mitchell bomber plane crash below balsam cap from 1948 very cool!!

Save this hike for the fall foliage as it’s one of the best foliage hikes in the Catskills. Pretty steep ascent with use of your hands needed towards the end

Moderate hike, strenuous with the constant uphill but no problem if you’re in good shape, we went clockwise but would go counter clockwise (Curtis Ormsbee Trail) next time for a bit more scrambling. Very well marked, with a well worn easy to follow path. Zero wildlife for us but gorgeous. You’ll be looking at trees the whole hike, with a couple spots near the summit you can get a nice look at the view. Go past the summit the extra mile to the slide summit, which has nice picnic-like area to relax. Most people seemed to come back down the way we went up, but continuing the loop is definitely worth it, the latter half going down clockwise is absolutely gorgeous and less traveled. Not much scrambling or climbing at all on the mountain, but a fun trek.

hiked up to slide mtn summit with our dog yesterday. on the way down, about 1/4 mile from the top a bear crossed the trail about 40yds in front of us. Luckily that was as close as we got. great spot to take a break at the top.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I did this hike this past weekend and I thought there was going to be more views. I did not go to Slide Mountain summit. The hike was challenging and overall worth the trip but was hoping for more views, will do again just up to Slide Mountain via Wittenburg trail and back.

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