I did the falls and then kept going to walk along the lake. Falls and Lake George were very pretty and it was a easy relaxing one with the kids. I went on a Tuesday morning so it was pretty quiet, sounds like it might get busier on weekends. Would like to come back and do the mountain when I have more time.

Really liked the hike overall, especially since able to get up close to the falls. The place seems to get very busy though, appears to be a local hangout. Further down the trail along the lake is a cove that had 15 to 20 boats filling it up, lots of noise at that point. If plan to venture here you do have to drive about 5 miles down a dirt road to get there.

Pending where you park, we parked lot #3, you back track along the road a bit and it takes maybe 20 minutes to get to the falls. If you go past the falls trail markings are okay and you make your way along the lake. Wish it was a bit more of an exciting hike to get to the falls. Never did make it to the peak of Shelving rock which was lot #4, maybe next time!

Longer and more difficult than I expected but well worth it!

Only ventured in as far as the falls but it was gorgeous. Whole family and the dog had a great outing.

dog and i hiked this with a friend and it was very beautiful and nice and short. very icy! made a mistake in not wearing spikes but We survived. falls were beautiful

Very easy trail with a nice waterfall and a view of Lake George.

Misleading as it is only .4 to the falls. We walked it then hiked Buck Mountain in the same area. Very beautiful.

The Falls were incredible. Nice hike out to Lake George where we sat and had cheese and crackers. Can’t wait to do the trail up the mountain.

A quick sunset hike after work.

I do this loop around log bay/shelving rock falls quite regualry. At least three times a week or more just for cardio or a warm up before a hike. Super easy grade, nice falls, nice people, everyone says hi. Nice environmemt. Not much challenge but still a nice walk. The walk down to bottom of the falls can be a bit steep for some i imagine but just go easy.

Had a little difficulty finding the falls as we first drove right past the sign. Trails are well marked and easy to follow. Well worth it!!

Nice quick easy trail to the waterfall and waterfront. Nothing too hard to hike.

Didn't end up finding the falls. In not sure how we missed it must have been one of the points on the map that you have to kind of hike back and go the other way to see.. Also the last 1/4 mile or 1/2 is blocked off by posted signs and a gate. Was a nice hike around the lake lots of boaters out and swimmers. Could easy brought my suit and jumped in to cool off. We hiked down the backside of the mountain trail less and just made out own path down to the lake. So maybe this is why we didn't see the water falls. Probably try and find it next time when we hike Buck and prospect.

Loved this trail with so many options for adventure around every turn!

Great nature trail, the waterfall is picturesque.

Fun hike! Early spring started from Gate House and around lake! Rewarding view and distance. A gem in our own backyard.

Fairly easy hike with amazing views of Lake George on top of the mountain. The hike to the waterfall and farther down to the lake could be done by children of all ages

Hiked today to the falls and lake. Lovely hike

Trail is easy to find and walk and the falls are very enjoyable

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