nice walk


Beautiful views

on Kane Mountain Trail

8 days ago

very peaceful hike, with a beautiful view from the tower :)

Nice, easy hike. A 300 foot section is pure mud though, enough to go up to you ankles. Fire tower was in good shape and can be climbed.

Loved this hike in early August -3 trails to get up to tower...great views of all the lakes from the top...drove by Vrooman's Restaurant!!! Steep incline duable, short trail better for small children.

Definitely rocky and muddy but clear path and SO worth the time! INCREDIBLE view from the tower.

very slippery on a rainy day. it would be a great hike on a nice day. Couldn't see a thing from top of tower due to clouds, fog and rain. would do it again...but in sunny weather!

24 days ago

I went backpacking by myself. I recommend parking at the CR 125 junction before entering in. There is parking nook on the left side beginning of Holmes Road. I parked overnight with no problems. Half of Holmes Road leading to the lake is private property so you will notice a lot of tire marks and signs to not enter off the road. Some are very muddy. You will see a yellow gate blocking all cars to enter and the trail from then on has mini creeks so you have to walk around the trail if you don't have rain boots. Overall the end point is beautiful and there is a premade campfire setup by others. The view is great to wakeup to during the sunrise.

1 month ago

Went up the Northern Trail to the fire tower then down the Eastern Trail from the observers' cabin. No view from summit, however, excellent view of Canada and Pine Lake as well as Shaker Mt. Forest from the top of the fire tower. Eastern Trail was poorly marked but easy to follow.

1 month ago

Nice little walk through the woods. The lake itself is crystal clear and there is a small campsite right on the lake for tenting . The lean-to is set back a few hundred feet from the lake but is clean and has pots/pans/ and a metal grate for cooking already there. The trail shown on the map is actually mostly dirt road. Cars can drive down 1/4 of the trail. Off-road vehicles can drive down 1/2 the trail before being stopped by a metal barricade where the actual trail begins. It's one mile from the end of the dirt road to the lake. I parked 1/4 of the way in and it only took an hour to get to the lake. Would make a nice spot to camp for anyone who doesn't want to walk far but still wants to be away from civilization. I did see perch fish jumping out of the lake to catch dragonflies and there are signs that suggest trout live in there as well. Trail was fairly dry with some boggy spots but it's easy enough to get around them.

Just hiked this a month ago. It was my second time. Both times had more people than my family reunion. All in all, it's a nice hike but no views unless you climb the tower.

1 month ago

This was the first hike I did with just myself and my dog. Wasn't heavily trafficked but the trails are marked well. Not a bad hike but not much of a view unless you climb the fire tower