The parking lot was like a frozen pond. all of the thick ice was covered by fresh snow so I didn't know until I tried to stop and kept going. Luckily I was able to carefully turn my car around and there was traction on the one side of the parking lot. The cell service is spotty so I don't know if I would have been able to call for a tow truck. The mountain was the same way. Some parts looked like a frozen waterfall(not a bad thing). I had ice spikes so it didn't slow me down. My dog had some trouble but it gave me a few laughs. Overall the hike was short but rewarding. The only downside was all the graffiti on the cabin and the tower. It's sad that people can't respect the property for other people to enjoy.

Hiked w micros after a 26 below F Sunday morning followed by couple inches of rain 48 hours before. Snow set up good for micros would need more snow for snowshoes. First time up the red east trail and down the longer looped yellow north trail. Great views from tower. Worth a couple hours on the woods on a cold mid January day.

Always a nice mini-hike, depressing to see what vandals have done to the cabin.

Wind chill dropped temps to below -20 at the top of the tower but clear skies and sun made for good views. Walked up the trail in regular snow boots; followed someone else's tracks. Minimal to no ice today.

A short, but nice hike. There aren't a ton of views on the way but the views from the fire tower make up for it.

2 months ago

Want to get away for a little bit? This is the perfect place!

Nice trail, well marked. Good for a shorter hike but a LOT of people and had to wait to go up the fire tower but it had nice views.

In and Out Red Trail. Trail was dry and even though they rate it moderate, I would say this is more easy to moderate even for the red trail. You will need to climb the tower to appreciate the views and it will be worth it. No Summit Marker was located so don't look for it.

nice easy hike

Lovely trail. There's no view from the top of the mountain but when you get up the tower it will take your breath away.

Very easy, nice walk in the woods with the dog. Took the trail off to the left at the trail head .6 to the fire tower. Tower is in great condition.

Nice hike. Only took about an hour to complete . Awesome views from the top of the fire tower.

4 months ago

Short trail with a beautiful lake at the end. As stated before, Holmes Rd can be rough for cars but there a multiple parking areas past Old Peters Mill Rd and also near the end barrier (recommended only for high clearance vehicles). This trail is not frequented especially during the week so it can be very quiet. If you decide to do Little Holmes Lake as well, the trail is marked by faded pink/red ribbon and the trail is overgrown. The junction for the trail is off of the Shutt Rd trail at a junction where there are (3) orange snowmobile markers and Shutt Rd will start to go westward. Holmes lake would be a great location for a beginners overnight, short hike with a lean-to, verizon service is spotty, however.

View at the top of the tower is breathtaking

4 months ago

I am so grateful this place exists. The walk was long, but so worth it. There were some muddy spots but nothing that was too hard to handle. The lake was absolutely incredible. The water was so clear you could see the plants growing at the bottom which gave me the creeps since it seemed at least 40 feet deep but it was amazing. There are big rocks you can walk onto to star gaze over the water. It was absolutely beautiful. People had even left cans of food and toilet paper! The lean to was bigger than I expected and was very cozy to sit in while a fire was going. Since my boyfriend, my friend and I were unable to stay, we had to walk back in the dark which I would not recommend because we got lost a couple times and had to retrace our steps so camping there is the best idea. We cannot wait to return to this place. I would recommend this to everyone if I didn’t want to keep this my little secret. One of the most interesting things was a journal left in the lean to which had pages and pages of entries from so many people writing of why they came up there and what they did and how they felt about the place. It was exciting for us to add our own entry too. Never been more in love.

Descent loop not to difficult views were ok nothing spectacular but another tower down

5 months ago

Great hike and the view at the top of the tower is amazing!

I love this hike. I go once every season and have been going since I was little. The view from the top of the fire tower is breathtaking each and every time.

Beautiful views from the top , shorter trail is a very steep incline , so if you have littles with you I suggest the other trail , well worth the hike and the views from the Fire Tower are amazing

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