When I loaded the directions in to my Google maps app, it said I was there but I wasn't. I parked across the street and was able to find the Hubbard County Park entrance. (gate was down and authorized vehicles only sign helped me find the starting point, along with the trail map on here). the first .6 miles were great. Some of the reviews on here complained about bugs but from the timeframes of the reviews it seems they went in the middle of the hot summer. I heard bugs in the trees but had no problem with any, it was a nice fall 65 degree day. After the .6 miles there was a big private residence. Got to see several deer staring at me from behind the residence in the woods, but just kept walking to get to the second leg of the trail. However when approaching it the residences 2 dogs were barking and howling at me and didn't let up. I got on to the trail again and walked another several hundred feet but then the trail became very grassy, I didn't want to risk any ticks and honestly the thought of passing the dogs again made me a little uneasy, so I turned around and was relieved to see their owner outside and the dogs were quiet. Definitely will be back again to complete the full 1.3 miles to the lake then back, but with a hiking partner. (I am not a dog person obviously). Anyway, nice easily marked trail and a good quick workout/nature fix.