can't say enough about how much i love this trail. nice climb, gorgeous ledges, expansive views, varied terrain, cool megaliths, funky alpine shrubbery. i do a lot of hiking in new hampshire, and this is very reminiscent of that area- for a hike that's only an hour from NYC, this one hands-down cannot be beat. my absolute go-to hike when i'm in the area.

22 days ago

One of my very favorites. Very run-able. Do not miss the megaliths.

Fantastic views, waterfalls, streams; this hike has it all. There are a few times when you may get off trail so keep an eye on the markers. Wear good boots for water crossings and rocky inclines.

2 months ago

Nice hike. Pretty constant ascend once you get going. Hard to parking though. I had to park on the side of the road. Summit has really nice expansive views of the surrounding area. For me the in and out was 5.3 miles

3 months ago

This is my favorite trail of all time. I have had some difficulty finding parking but there are several options around that are available but simply not ideal.

I would rate this a little tougher than moderate, great views, water falls, maybe there's another trail that is easier , but for the most part it was fun and different, 9.5 miles by the time we were done.

Good hike to a 360 view of unobstructed rolling mountains and hills . Continue on Turquoise path for a nice rugged woods,stream, and hills experience.We pass the end of AllTrails marker and continue Turquoise markers . This hike is longer than 5.2 in and out. Had my Garmin watch on to indicate our travel. I definitely recommend this path for all who are in good health.

I started on the Trestle Trail on Otterkill Rd and this was my first ever hike on a mountain. I went in excited and came back absolutely battered. The views at the top are amazing but I WARN you that if you are a out of shape beginner like me, start at an easier mountain. There were lots and lots of climbing, rock scrambling and some steep descents here as I unwittingly had to explore a lot more of the trails then I intended. Trails are marked but be aware at some intersections. You can miss a trail marking easily at some points. Definitely bring a trail map. I got lost twice and had a long grueling hike back to the car. If your a fit person this place will be an awesome adventure. Overall Schunemunk mountain is amazing and as you head further up towards the summit the views just gets better and better. Bring lots of water and be ready for a workout!

This is a great trail. Great in both the ascent & descent. It's starts flat in the meadows but doesn't stay that way.