This is one of the worst hiking trails i ever been the very beginning of the trail seem to be not well take care in few words the grass was higher than me I will considered this trail hard to moderate which I like that will give you a great workout for sure plus when you will get to the very top part of the trail is very easy to get lost because the trail is not well marked so to make sure bring a map or gps

Started/ended at Otterkill Rd TH instead. It's always a nice walk over the double ridges. Beautiful day!

Varied terrain from lightly wooded to walking on mountain ridge. We went up white blazed (i believe the sweet clover trail) and down the yellow/teal trail (Jessup trail). For an extra treat when you get to dark hollow junction at the top take yellow/teal trail (about 15 minutes) to the Megaliths. Coming down the yellow was very rocky ankles beware. The total elevation gain including the Megaliths was over 1800 ft (says my apple watch). The total hike took us 5 hours. Following the yellow trail down along the pudding stone was difficult at times. The use of AllTrails and GPS was very helpful. If you have the whole day the hike was very rewarding with beautiful views of the entire hudson valley throughout the hike.

This hike will kick your ass. But it's worth every step and heavy breath you take!

2 months ago

This is a great hike if you a) want something challenging, b) can actually find the trailhead, and c) don't mind some bugs. This little gem of a trail is probably second only to Breakneck when it comes to difficulty level because there is some very steep terrain! You will have to park on State Hwy 32 since there is no parking, and you will find the trailhead tucked off a private driveway/lane just under the rail bridge. Took me a frustrating amount of time to find it so hopefully others can be spared that headache. Other than that, it was a very satisfying hike! I went on a Friday in August and didn't run into one other person, so if you like being one with nature, it doesn't get any better than this!

Wonderful trail, steep and more difficult than moderate in my opinion. Views at the top are gorgeous!

Schunemunk Mtn is amazing! I took the Sweet Clover trail and it was a strenuous hike! About a mile into the hike the trail becomes very steep and rocky. I also saw two snakes on the trail. Also, the railroad tracks are ACTIVE Metro North tracks, so use caution when crossing them!

This is one of the highest peak in the Orange County ny