Loved every second of this hike. The views were incredible and every step was magnificent. The cal foliage definitely enhanced the beauty, but was overall magical. Definitely didn’t think it was hard or difficult. With proper footwear and basic hiking experience it was fairly easy. Definitely plan to return.

We did Sams Point,Ice Caves, verheebeck falls and High Point loop it is about 11.5 miles took us 6 hours with stops. There are rock scrambles throughout the way but would not rate this hard. The views following the Ridgeline to High Point are incredible We did this hike with our puggle who loved it but he needed a little help with the big rocks tight spaces in the ice caves.

We hiked this beauty on Sat October 21st. Got to the trail errrs entrance gate to the Park at 8:30am and we were probably the 10th car in line. Park opened at 9 and we got on our way. It costs $10 to park and there are two bathrooms small vending machines and a cute little visitor center.

The weather was absolutely mint and the fall colors were popping so nice. We planned all along to do the Ice Caves, falls and the whole loop basically and we did. All in just shy of 11 miles and we stopped a few times to take in the views and and also had lunch etc. We ended up taking around 6 hours.

There was a few beautiful lookouts pretty early on after a little climb and then the Ice Caves came up quick and early on into the hike. So glad we ventured down and did that little detour as it was pretty cool. Hopped back on the trail and headed to the waterfall which was a few miles away. Again it was a beautiful blue sky, sunshiny fall day with temps in the 60s. I say that because your pretty exposed most of the hike so on a hot summer day your roasting. On our way to the falls you really started to see where the forest fire wrecked havoc a year earlier with hundreds of standing burnt trees and life starting to rebuild around it.

Got to the falls (dribble this time of year plus it hadn’t rained at all). and found a cute spot to chill and have lunch. Not that I recommend this to anyone but the falls were pretty dry so I ventured out as your on top of the falls at this point to the edge. It was straight beauty and a huge fall but amazing.

After the falls there’s a nice steep incline that will get the blood pumping but after that it was a nice walk all along the cliff side then back in and around for 3-4 miles with some rock scrambles and then back down a little and you get to the service road (booooo!). Kinda boring and it’s the last 2 miles but we stopped at the pristine lake and made the most of it.

All in all it was a great day and hike and I definitely recommend. The trail is rated as hard but at best it’s a high moderate in my opinion.

If the parking lot is full, catch a cab from Ellenville. If your loop includes the ice caves and the high trail, prepare for 10.1 miles, not 8.4. The trail is pretty easy until you get past the falls and up to the ridge. Then it takes some stamina. Very fun and gorgeous the whole way.