It was a great trail. Took my two dogs. Beautiful scenery, lots of rock scrambling. Start early!! I started at 11 and finished at 6-ish.

Did the falls to high point and back. Currently, microspikes are not needed, but did help.

For food hit up the Hoot Owl which is about 10minutes away. Stumbled upon it.. great food and atmosphere!

Fun trail with a variety of different landscape. I’d recommend going off trail up through rockier paths whenever you get the chance.

I did this today with my brother (it is January.) After a bit of a heatwave today was a balmy 15 degrees, and all of the snow had melted and then re-froze in the path like a beautiful ice cat walk. There's a solid 3 miles of trail that is completely iced over, and you have to penguin-walk a lot, even with good boots. we fell 3x total. 10/10 will do again.

but seriously, I strongly recommend this in the winter for experienced hikers. A frozen Verkeerderkill Falls is truly spectacular and well worth enduring the cold. There is one section of river that is impossible to cross without dipping a boot, so bag your feet if you're worried about your boots and their water resistance.

Given the very slow moving with the ice, we (ages 26/30) started this at 10:45 and finished at 2:45.

3 months ago

This is one of the most beautiful places I have hiked . Views are astonishing! Very challenging hike but definitely it is worthy! This review is about a hiking done on September 2017.

Awesome trail with tons to do. Started in the parking lot at 11am, did the 8.5 mile loop and ice caves and finished at 5pm with a long lunch break

Loved it so many things too see and do, ice caves are amazing, I did bring my dog w me which I had to help him up the latter lol but all is worth it!!

Loved every second of this hike. The views were incredible and every step was magnificent. The cal foliage definitely enhanced the beauty, but was overall magical. Definitely didn’t think it was hard or difficult. With proper footwear and basic hiking experience it was fairly easy. Definitely plan to return.

We did Sams Point,Ice Caves, verheebeck falls and High Point loop it is about 11.5 miles took us 6 hours with stops. There are rock scrambles throughout the way but would not rate this hard. The views following the Ridgeline to High Point are incredible We did this hike with our puggle who loved it but he needed a little help with the big rocks tight spaces in the ice caves.

We hiked this beauty on Sat October 21st. Got to the trail errrs entrance gate to the Park at 8:30am and we were probably the 10th car in line. Park opened at 9 and we got on our way. It costs $10 to park and there are two bathrooms small vending machines and a cute little visitor center.

The weather was absolutely mint and the fall colors were popping so nice. We planned all along to do the Ice Caves, falls and the whole loop basically and we did. All in just shy of 11 miles and we stopped a few times to take in the views and and also had lunch etc. We ended up taking around 6 hours.

There was a few beautiful lookouts pretty early on after a little climb and then the Ice Caves came up quick and early on into the hike. So glad we ventured down and did that little detour as it was pretty cool. Hopped back on the trail and headed to the waterfall which was a few miles away. Again it was a beautiful blue sky, sunshiny fall day with temps in the 60s. I say that because your pretty exposed most of the hike so on a hot summer day your roasting. On our way to the falls you really started to see where the forest fire wrecked havoc a year earlier with hundreds of standing burnt trees and life starting to rebuild around it.

Got to the falls (dribble this time of year plus it hadn’t rained at all). and found a cute spot to chill and have lunch. Not that I recommend this to anyone but the falls were pretty dry so I ventured out as your on top of the falls at this point to the edge. It was straight beauty and a huge fall but amazing.

After the falls there’s a nice steep incline that will get the blood pumping but after that it was a nice walk all along the cliff side then back in and around for 3-4 miles with some rock scrambles and then back down a little and you get to the service road (booooo!). Kinda boring and it’s the last 2 miles but we stopped at the pristine lake and made the most of it.

All in all it was a great day and hike and I definitely recommend. The trail is rated as hard but at best it’s a high moderate in my opinion.

If the parking lot is full, catch a cab from Ellenville. If your loop includes the ice caves and the high trail, prepare for 10.1 miles, not 8.4. The trail is pretty easy until you get past the falls and up to the ridge. Then it takes some stamina. Very fun and gorgeous the whole way.

We did this with 4 kids, aged 3 to 10. I wish the woman manning the booth would've been even a little helpful when we asked her about what she recommends for the kids. She told us the ice caves takes 2 hours and the falls add an extra hour to the hike. Yea, not even close. The falls added an extra 3 hours! I guess she didn't think it was important to mention that the path was super uber rocky either. Bottom line, the caves were phenomenal, the falls were beautiful, but I don't recommend the falls if you're going with kids. My kids had a blast at the caves, and they even liked the falls, but it wasn't fun carrying my 3 year old over that rough terrain. I'm irate at that park employee.

We did this hike and went to the ice cave which ended up being ~10 miles
-Whole hike took us 4/4.5 hours with breaks
-There is a $10 parking fee per car which is very reasonable
- Ice cave was fun but SUPER crowded and people tends to stop to take pictures so you have to wait in a line to get thru
- It is dark in the cave so use the flashlight on your phone to be safe
- The hike is pretty flat after the ice cave which got a bit boring and felt super long so be prepare for that.

Wow! I don't even know where to begin. This was an interesting experience for my partner and I. It took us a lot longer than anticipated due to an injury at the caves. Overall it was a great experience, the trail is not very difficult honestly but the views are magnificent and the flora and fauna is truly one of a kind. Not sure if we will return but it was an experience we will never forget and I do recommend that you visit this trail. Be careful in the ice caves. Do not venture off trail. Try to keep close to the white markers. Enjoy!

I don't think it was hard. It was a easy walk. The trail is super friendly. Great views. Went to the ice cave, which was super fun, followed by the waterfall, a 2.0mile walk. Like I said it wasn't hard at all to get to the viewing point, easy walk.

I would not consider this trail hard, especially if you don’t mind a bit of rock scrambling. The last part (2.8 miles) follow a service road. However, I would not hike this path on hot days! You will be above tree line and exposed to the sun the entire time. Make sure to bring enough water!!! I especially enjoyed the trail since I was lucky to hike during the week. So I didn’t run into anyone on the trail. Views are amazing (since it was so hot today the haze got a bit in the way). I added the Ice Cave as well!

Definitely a steel and challenging hike but beautiful views the entire time. Will be going back and certainly recommend

Best płace to visit near NYC! Hike to the Sam's point very easy. I've seen people with strollers and motorized wheelchair doing it! Only hard part is the ice caves and waterfall. We did it with our 6 years old daughter and she loved it. We were there Thursday and the parking was almost full.

Did this trail and went off trail for the ice caves. Amazing experience and views around every corner. Must see ice caves and waterfall

Went on a rainy and foggy day but still very beautiful.

Love this trail! Beautiful views, ice caves are awesome and the falls are amazing. I would rate this hike as moderate, not very hard at all unless a little rock scrambling isn't your thing. Definitely recommend this hike.

One of my favorite places to hike such beautiful views.

This is a great hike. Different types of terrain and vegetation to see re growing, especially after the fire. There are other trails I'll be back to do. I somehow stop my recorder at one point but did around 10.5 miles.

I can't say enough about Sam's Point Preserve - from the overlook, the ice caves, Indian Rock, Verkeerder Kill Falls, all of it. It's just an amazing place to explore, whether in whole or in sections. I've been here 4 times in the last month and continue to look forward to going back and exploring. The Falls trail just reopened last week after being closed for more than a year due to the fire in 2016. It does not disappoint - the trail is amazing itself and the falls are spectacular. Great place to rest and soak your feet after all your efforts!

The ice caves were awesome! The falls there are well worth the 3.5ml round trip, would do them both again

7 months ago

Logged a little over 11 miles. Saw Sam's Point, the ice caves, the falls, High Point, and the Berry Picker cabins. All together took about 6 hours. Excellent hike. Steep in certain parts with some short rock scrambles-- exhausted at the end of the day, but had a blast.

This place was incredible. Hiked for 6 hours. Went to sams point then the ice caves. Saw the falls and went to high point. There were still a few more trails I wanted to do but the park closes at 8! Only so much you can walk in one day too! Great hiking trails.

The ice caves were amazing. The waterfall trail was open today but I didn't have the time.

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