always a favorite. it has a big impact on the love of the local landscape.

It was breathtaking and I can't wait to take my 13 year old

Love this trail! Exposed cliffs at the top are amazing! Only thing I do not like about this trail is that the trail is more of a carriage road for quite a bit, and I much prefer a thinner trail. However, great hike! Not strenuous, and a good hike for beginner to intermediate.

Seems like great little hike if falls and caves were open. Still nice hike but don't travel the 2 hours from city (as we did) until these attractions open. Happy climbing

Hiked this trail 4/15/17 and the trail leading to the ice caves was taped off. Significantly reduced length of trail, and entire portion that was open was paved. Beautiful views nonetheless, and neat water feature, but as it stands now until the ice caves trail reopens, this is an extremely easy outdoor stroll.

some of the best hiking in hudson valley right here! great memories :)

Went here over the summer. Breathtaking views. The ice caves were amazing! The hike to the falls was forever changing, from sandy to rocky to water, then dense, etc. It is a long hike to the falls but well worth the hike! If you love a challenge and nature then this is a must do! This is my #1 favorite and I have been on a lot of hikes over the years.

only the loop trail was open. Trail was icy. Will come back in April.