1 month ago

Attempted this hike this week-the entrance to the trail is inside Rogers Rock campground. You will need to pay a $3 or $10 fee to park, either way you will need to walk in the campground about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile to reach the trailhead that is actually located in back of one of the campsites (210). There is an obvious, but unmarked path that leads through a lightly forested/meadow area. You will then come to a rock wall that is virtually unmarked, there are a few ribbons or remnants of ribbons and there are several places that look like they could be the trail, but none that are clearly marked, the climb up is not awful (I am a semi experienced hiker) but it became obvious that I may not have been on the actual trail and there was no way to really tell. As I was unsure, I made the call to turn back. I checked in with the really nice park ranger and asked about the unmarked trail and was told that because the trail does not actually belong to the park, they do not/cannot mark it and he also told me that a family had been lost the weekend before and require search and rescue to locate them. So if you are unsure or have not done this hike/trail before, this may not be the hike for you.