Nice walk in tall pine trees

Beautiful area, on and off trail. Fun exploring and even found some geocaches. Hidden gem!

Favorite trail

trail running
6 months ago

If you want a short work out, it's ok. I was going for more of a long distance run but this is too short. There's a trail down the road from here called Cathedral Pines, but it cost 15 dollars to get in without a special card. The trees are beautiful though. It's easy for kids as well.

very peaceful nice short trail

So beautiful and peaceful!

My favorite peaceful place on Long Island. There's a HUGE grass farm you can walk on too. Been going there for years and years.

Trails not marked well. I ended up off the trail. Wide paths and nice wooded area to walk with more than one person. Very short trail.

a nice walk in the woods :) A couple sloping hills, but barely enough to consider this a 'hike.' The dog loved sniffing every tree imaginable. Easy to go off the trail and explore, then quickly find your way back to the trail.

Didn't get any ticks.

I saw many people coming here to walk their dogs. I agree it is not really a trail, however my sons both enjoyed exploring the area. It was beautiful with very large white pine trees.

This is not really a trail, just a walk under the blanket of pine trees. It smells great, but not exactly a hike.