Great winter trail. The frozen falls are gorgeous

Gorgeous! just right for the entire family. More people than I expected, but everyone was friendly and respectful.

Pretty but it is over too quickly!

The trails that are there are mostly someone's back yard or the side of the road. But the falls are nice.

The falls are very nice to see but if you are looking for a longer hike this isn't a good choice. Took about two minutes to get to the falls.

Loved it!

Awesome! Love it :) Beautiful day!

1 year ago

1 year ago

Did this in the winter in snow shoes. Awesome little trail!

Beautiful! Perfect for a simple, relaxed day trip. My husband and I went all the way down to the waterfall, sat there and really enjoyed the peaceful sounds and sites. Be careful, it is very slippery by the falls.

Extremely easy walk, but still beautiful. If there had been more rain, I would image that the falls would have looked a thousand times more amazing. My boyfriend & I decided to take the "trail" down to the gorge and base of the falls which made the experience a lot better and worth the drive out. If it weren't for the screaming children, and rude teenagers it would've been rather peaceful. I would definitely recommend not visiting on a day when everyone else has the same idea, maybe a day mid-week.

I would call this more of a walk than a hike, tremendously easy.