Took my sister here in spring and the falls were great. Easy walk though very muddy.

Nice trail and well maintained. Very end of the red loop has a blue loop not worth adding- takes you to a gravel pit and a culvert. Along the ridges entirely flat, with some up and downs at the ends.

Very nice hike. Some challenging parts. Climbs up and down the ravine and a few creek crossings which were a bit tricky because there was some ice on the rocks. Beautiful waterfalls. Dogs on and off leash. Easy to get off the the markers.

It’s amazing to find so much nature including a beautiful waterfall so close to big cities

This was a great half day hike. We didn't walk super fast and had the pup with us. Some rooty but great trails. Did the full north/south loop. Disappointing part was no water

I followed the blue trail. Could hear the waterfall, but wasn't able to climb the stairs.

Nice trail. Many different ways to hike. No water in the falls but the scenery was beautiful.

the trail was beautiful but very hard to keep track of the markers. I wouldn't do this again bc of that.

After reading many reviews on the hike, I had to go see for myself! My boyfriend and I went today, following the red trail to the waterfalls. Parked at the Mariaville parking lot and took about 5 minutes to get to the first falls! Absolutely beautiful with the river being dried up. (There was no actual waterfall) continued onto the trail to the next waterfall, 5-10 min walk. Also dried up but took beautiful pics. Since that was quick we hiked the yellow trail from there. Super easy to follow. Marked everywhere despite any other review- u can't miss the markers/signs. All together great hike, not muddy today, and 1 and half adventure.

Very good trail. Some steep parts, but all doable. Along most of the trail, there are a lot of geocaches! Went in August; sadly, the waterfalls aren't very active because there isn't much rain. Would recommend going in the spring after the snow melts. Yet, it was still very fun. The one good thing about going in August is that you don't need to cross through water.

the red trail seems to just end. very easy to get lost. we scaled the side of the hill/ravine that was so steep we had to grasp roots and rocks but we were able to get to the orange/blue trail.
be mindful of footwear.... bring water....

Great time with the family. Had our two children 7 and 5 and finished in about 3 hours. Good time had by all.

My favorite place to go around the capital region. Good assortment of trails and plenty of elevation on different paths. The long red trail does have quite a few sharp turns in the path. If you ever look up and don't see a marker, turn around.

The red trail did "apparently" abruptly end ... I walked about 200 yards further on both sides of the stream ... 12 more people got "lost" at the exact same point while I was looking for the trail ... I worked my way back to the last red marker, and there IS another marker, but you have to take a 90 degree look to your left and a little back to see it and where it crosses the stream ... VERY VERY EASY TO GET LOST AT THAT POINT ... worthwhile to add a larger sign right there ... and some general more signage needed on the red trail. The orange trail isn't on most maps including the trailhead maps, but that's a good loop trail.

It was okay, got lost a lot!! Never found the big waterfall. The red trail marker randomly ended. Had to hike UP two waterfalls just to make it back on the path!

This is a fantastic trail. It feature 3 waterfalls, one of them is 40 feet tall. You need to be extremely careful on the paths that are high up. People fall every year, so use caution. One of our favorite places to hike!

Love this place

Really fun hike! It was pretty muddy and in the future we'll probably avoid this trail after it rains. There are also a lot of steep sections and the steepness combined with the slippery mud was a little scary at times. I agree with others that the trails could be marked better. We got turned around a couple times. I recommend taking a copy of the trail map or downloading it on your phone. It came in handy for us. All things considered, we had fun and the falls are beautiful!

great place. my family enjoyed it. the mini hike. the next time we will go to the waterfalls.

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