13 days ago

Well marked trail, lots of interesting plants, flowers and wildlife (saw lots of little toads!). Very steep hike, but doable for most skill levels if you're willing to take your time. The view at the top is beautiful from the lake view side. We followed the eastern view trail as well to see VT/etc, but we're unable to find the viewpoint for that. We followed the trail markers which looped back the main trail but didn't see the view, not sure where we went wrong? But the lake view made it worth it, it's a stunning view from almost the top of Lake George looking southward. Would definitely do it again. But bring bug spray -- the mosquitos were really bad.

Hiked at sunrise. Beautiful view on Eastern side watching sun rise over the Green mts and Champlain valley. Steep, but worth it.

Great view at the top. Trail loop at the bottom going around by old beaver dam is in terrible shape with puncheon rotting and falling apart. Trail is steep but worth the hike at the top.

1 month ago

Short but fairly steep hike, we walked just under 3 miles doing the two loops and going to the two vistas. Trail is well-marked and maintained. Nice view of Lake George to the south, and Ticonderoga and the Green Mountains to the east. We were up and down in about 90 minutes.

3 months ago

Great Hike! A little smelly at times from the paper mill.

10 months ago

At a relaxed pace the trip takes about three hours. There are two views from the top. There is a Southern view of Lake George and an Eastern view of Ticonderoga, Lake Champlain, and a Vermont landscape (I think the eastern view is the best). It is a challenging hike for the non-hiker, but easy enough for the non-hiker to accomplish. the is an approximate 900 ft Elevation change over the distance of about a mile. (decently steep). I am glad we made the hike.

Definitely steep on the mountain ascent but so proud that we managed it. Not much to see on top of peak so you need to take the "lake view" trail onward so you can get a great view and some photos.

Sunday, November 23, 2014