Peebles Island State Park is at the confluence of the Hudson and Mohawk Rivers. It offers spectacular river and rapids views for walkers and joggers who take advantage of the miles of paths through the gently rolling and wooded landscape. Picnickers and fishermen come to relax and winter visitors use the facilities to cross-country ski, hike and snowshoe. Peebles Island is also the headquarters of the Bureau of Historic Sites and Bureau of Historic Preservation Field Services. The staff provide technical services, such as record maintenance, analysis of artifacts, and preparation of publications, exhibits and audio visual programs for the 35 historic sites maintained by State Parks. The Field Services Bureau assists all New York's municipalities and citizens with National Register of Historic Place listings, investment tax credit and review of all state and federal projects.

8 days ago

The description says kid friendly but if you plan to take kids younger than 7, Hang onto them! This trail has very steep drop offs most of the way around.

Easy trail, great for younger kids. My 4 year old loved seeing the deer, turtles, and eagles. Able to walk down to the water on the SE end of the island. Lots of shells and more eagles. Trail is wide open with plenty of intersecting trails that cross the island. Beautiful views and lookouts throughout. Bring your gps and find some geocaches too.

great time

Saw a bald eagle, two fawns, chipmunks, a snapping turtle and a beaver today!

Very well maintained trails, all dirt and wide enough for about 4 people across. We took the perimeter trail and the deer run trail. We switched because the second half of the perimeter trail wasn't mowed and the grass was a little tall. there's some nice views of the Hudson and small waterfalls. Pay attention when parking because the lot is easy to miss before the one-lane bridge. We saw a doe run past on the deer run which was exciting! I would return.

Great easy hike. Lots to see along with Lock#2 waterway. Eagles nest are across the river, so l recommend binoculars. Someone offered us there's to take a look at the nest. Decent place without lots of travel time to get there as well.

Beautiful and easy trail. We took a nice leisurely walk around the perimeter and saw Bald Eagles and their nest on the next island over. Next time we know to bring binoculars!

great trail any level

Great views on the perimeter trail of the lock and river. Some nice lookout spots. Good view of a bald eagle nest. Only downside is there is a ton of people

Loved it.

Perfect leisurely hike with great views. Good for kids and dogs.

A leisure trail for family walk after dinner. Not challengeable at all.

this is my favorite place to walk for an hour. love the nature and oaky bluffs

This trail is hidden where you’d least expect it! Very nice views around the main trail on the perimeter of the island and there’s several trails that intertwine and connect through the woods in the middle.

I like places like this because you get a touch of the woods, good views of the cliffs and water, and you can walk anywhere between 1 to 4 miles depending on the routes you take.

nature trips
8 months ago

The trails (there are others in addition to the perimeter trail) are well maintained, and there are a few picnic tables scattered here-and-there as well as a few areas that have been cleared so that visitors have a better view of the water. The kids and I saw several birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and about six white tail deer (two group of which were no more than 100 feet from us). The terrain is mostly flat, with only a few areas of limited steep(ish) climbing before reaching another flat area.

Holiday weekend and great weather brought many visitors to the trail this weekend. Guess it's not a secret to the locals. We'll be back for sure.

Super short and accessible. Easy and good views. Highly recommended

Great walk with a six-year-old! Took the Deer Run trail to the Perimeter trail, I and saw a woodchuck, a deer and a snake. Note: The Visitor's Center was closed AND the pavilion washrooms were being repaired, so no washrooms available.

Easy perimeter trail. So pretty. Last week I saw 5 deer as I walked here. Bonus!

Did this trail last year. Nice easy walk with some decent views and lots of deer.

Boring. Not many birds.

Nice easy walk. Cool views and lots of deer.

A little unknown treasure so close to the city. Beautiful views along the river, well maintained trails under the canopy of trees, wildlife, etc. A short drive from home and so worth taking a morning or afternoon hike.

11 months ago

Nice and enough people but not to many. Great look out points of the river. Would do it again.

trail running
Monday, July 10, 2017

I love this place. I grew up coming here and I actually just started trail running here. Definitely a great place to trail run, there's so much nature to see on this little island. I suggest parking at the visitors center on the Waterford side and walking over the bridge as well, it's free to park there. This spot is also great to take kids to

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Beautiful place to spend a day. By the water, easy trail, about 2 miles, lots of wildlife, places to rest, picking area with a restroom. No food available for purchase on the island, so plan accordingly. You can rent kayaks and explore the area from the water. Great place!

Love it. Get there several times a week.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Directions took me through Troy. Would do better to take 787 to the end, make a right and find sign on left. Would have saved me lots of time. If your dog goes nuts for deer be careful. Deer all over within 50 ft. My dog thinks they're antisocial dogs so we were fine. Nice views, easy walk but shear cliff drops.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Easy walk with lots of fauna! Blue heron, bald eagles, deer, cormorant, CDN geese, ducks, etc. Lots of great waterfall views. Can see where Hudson and Mohawk meet. Great picnicking and bathrooms available.

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