Hiked from Rt. 22 up to where the Appalachian Trail met the red trail. Pretty tough climb in the snow, but very difficult to figure out where the red trail continued when I got to the top. Decided to turn around and come back. I’ll have to return when the weather is better to do the lake loop from Quaker Lake Road. The section of the AT I hiked was nice but no real views or outstanding features. Crosses some farmland at the beginning, and you’ll have to scale a few ladders over fences before you get to the Nature Reserve trailhead.

Began this hike from route 22 and explored some of the trails in the Pawling Nature reserve. Saw at least a half a dozen pileated woodpeckers. Morning well spent

Started off route 22 on the Appalachian. In and out semi loop. Nice farmland crossing into woods. Met up with conservation trails to loop around Quaker lake and return. Was difficult to find the red. Did a bit of trailblazing to find it eventually.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Entrance is not easy to find. Pick up a map in the store next to the train station. There are three trails. White shows the Appalachian trail. Yellow is a short. Did not do the red trail. The trail was difficult to follow in the fall with all the leaves on the ground. I could not find the entrance by route 22.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Well marked trails, easy to moderate hiking, also good for trail-running.

trail running
Sunday, October 02, 2016