Lovely wooded paths that open up to fields full of flowers and trees. Beautiful!

Easy trail with nice meadows. Trails can be confusing if you don't have a map.

11 months ago

Oatka Park trails are nice, comfortable without many inclines. Wooded area and open fields. There is one very steep hill in the back trails near the river. Nice old concrete bridge over the creek. Fly fishermen are often there in the summer. Herds of Deer in the winter and fall time, squirrels, birds but not much wildlife. Sometimes we see horseback riders. No gas-powered vehicles allowed. You can spot wildlife better if you go off trail. The area is very easy to see so getting lost isn't an issue.

Great trail, especially for snowshoeing in the winter (with or without dog) or walking your dog in the summertime. However, be aware that some dogs do walk off leash here. Dog owners are pretty friendly though, and have had no problems.