I love the trails at Oakley Corners but the map pictured here isn’t complete. The NYS DEC has a full map. I have gotten lost before but if you keep the map with you and follow your turns with the map you’ll be fine. Lots of old trees, creeks, ponds, well maintained bridges, free camping, lots of hunters during hunting season

A nice location, but the trails were not marked very well but they are groomed nicely. An easy, longer hike that was pet friendly. I would go there again, but you have to really pay attention to the trail or you end up off the trail.

I loved this well marked trail. Kinda neat to see people ice fishing on one of the ponds/lakes too. I brought my dogs and we had a great time!!

Very easy nice hike.

Love this trail but I hate what they are doing to the forest out there!

Camped multiple times and had the place to myself. Just what I was hoping for. Hiked and hunted many times also and always enjoy myself. Nice trails and we'll kept.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I do enjoy time spent there. Although on the weekends it can get somewhat crowded.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

This system no longer allows horseback riding.
Great trail system, with a lot of nice options for either short or longer hikes depending on your time. Trails are kept clean and though there are muddy sections, you can still hike in sneakers without bringing home a bog. Dogs are allowed on leash. Love hiking here! The northern section has a logging road down the middle that is perfect if you have a jogging type stroller, though it's not super long. There aren't usually maps at the kiosk however, so remember to take a picture of the kiosk map if you're not familiar with this park!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Out for a last summer hike. Did the side that does not have a lake. Trail nicely marked and maintained.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Not a bad area to explore, but could have been better. I'd rate it a 3.5 if possible.

The forest is a network of trails, all interconnecting for the most part. The forest is divided between the northern half and southern half, spilt in 2 by Dutchtown Rd.

I've only explored the southern half, which has 2 ponds/lakes for fishing. The trails are well maintained, and marked well, although not terribly scenic.

Unfortunately there were several areas with leftover campsites, where people had left trash. Right by the lake are 2 campsites, each with a fire pit. There was painting on one tree, some trash, bunch of ropes strung through the trees too. The second campsite had several very large dead trees all through the site, and I didn't feel comfortable camping near them. One of the huge dead trees had about 1/5 of it started to be cut through with an axe. Whatever idiot did that should be fined. Now you have a massive dead tree, that's weakened even further. I have no idea what they would have done if it was actually cut through and fell, as it would have taken out the entire campsite. the tree is massive.

Other than that, the trails weren't bad. There are several spots for water, and a few areas off trail suitable for camping. I use a hammock to camp and found several areas that would have worked for an overnight.

Several areas of the trail go right next to private property, so you're looking into someone's back yard. You don't ever feel that isolated and remote, although the northern half of the forest does look to provide more isolation.

There was plenty of parking, but no trail maps available, and the ones found online are subpar at best. It's not a hard area to navigate though.

Overall, I'd go back (I have gone twice). I wanted more from the area, but I have yet to explore it all, and hope to be impressed more when I see all of it.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

This is a fun trail. Or should I say trails. We parked along the road at the intersection of Dutchtown Rd and Hullsville Rd as do many people. It is quite an open space there with wide enough shoulders to get off the road with your vehicle. We walked it in February of 2016 most recently, but we have walked it in the summer also. Either time it was fun. And because there wasn't much snow we got by with just hiking shoes and sneakers. The trail we took was the blue trail going down into the woods on the left side of the intersection as you are going up Dutchtown Rd. We walked down the hill through the woods, came out onto the dirt road and walked up that back to our vehicle.
When we came out of the woods onto the dirt road it seemed that the trail continued on into the woods across the road, but we didn't see anymore state forest trail markings so we turned around after walking a short ways and went back to the dirt road.

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