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Really easy trail with nice views

My 5-star rating is for the fantastic underneath views of the Palisades/Hook Mountain cliffs on the path near the Hudson River. Breath taking and "humbling"!!

Great trial for an early afternoon walk. Lots of cyclists.

on Nyack-Havestraw Trail

2 months ago

I run here frequently. The trail is well maintained and it’s impossible to get lost. Some spots have great views and there also also benches for taking a break (if you are walking etc). It connects to the Nyack Beach Trail if you are looking for a longer distances with additional views.

So my girlfriend and I decided to go for a hike (well mainly my girlfriend decided). We entered the trail through the championship golf course in Rockland Lake State Park and saw some amazing views of the Hudson. We continued on the trail until the Knickerbocker Ice Company sign. I told my girlfriend that we should continue onto the road because it was getting dark but my girlfriend said, “let’s take the trail back because the car is parked at the golf course.” Because I am not a hiker (to be honest it was my first time hiking EVER) I thought in my head, “it’ll be quick let’s just get it done” and I decided to go with her suggestion. So we continue hiking and then the sun starts to set so we keep going quickly to try and beat sundown back to the car, but after a certain point nothing is looking familiar and then all of a sudden it’s dark out and the hike is just not ending. My girlfriend then turns back to me and says, “I think we missed the turn to the car, don’t freak out”. Now mind you, it’s pitch dark out at this point, we’re in the middle of the woods, I’VE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE, so basically I’m on the verge of having a massive meltdown. My girlfriend says, “let’s just continue the trail, hopefully it will end soon”. Luckily we had our phones to use as flashlights and somehow, by the grace of God, we did not miss any green markers or veer off the trail and eventually made it to Rt 9W in Haverstraw. We then managed to get a cab back to the golf course, only to find that the gate was locked and we couldn’t retrieve our car. We had to call the state park police to unlock it for us, but it took them over an hour to arrive because they were coming from Bear Mountain. Needless to say, this was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life (walking in fear and uncertainty through the woods at night is pretty terrifying), but I did enjoy the views and would definitely do the hike again early in the day — nowhere near dusk. Also I’m never listening to my girlfriend ever again.

Great trail for walking with baby stroller and a dog.

went there 2pm and an organized group all in white chanting and loud. Scary did an about face

over grown
5 months ago

5 months ago

this is more of a biking and walking trail, not a hiking trail. the path is very well maintained and has a beautiful view. surprised this trail is rated moderate - it is closer to easy. the only challenging part is walking up the big paved hill from the trail head back to where the cars are parked at the north end. the rest is very flat easy strolling. if you park at the southern tip, you don't even have that hill climb, and it's seriously Sunday stroller kind of trail

5 months ago

Magnificent Marvelous Voltbike Lake Shore

Great for kids, strollers and easy walking. Dog friendly too!

Pleasant river walk. Eat at the Upper Nyack Grill after, great bbq, cole slaw and m&c.

Beautiful trail which can get very intensive. Lots of incline and decline along the way but very worth it. Nothing challenging in terms of climbing or anything like that. Fun and great hike.

A trail worth doing every once in a while. A moderate trail for running and an easy one for hiking. Great views along the path guaranteed. No designated parking but spots available by the nearest restaurant. Entrance to the trail is not marked but the beginning spot on the map is very accurate so one should not have any troubles finding it.

Sun Oct 29 2017

Short easy trail up the side of the hill, takes you from Nyack Beach river walk (starts by the picnic table just north of parking lot) up to the plateau / upper parking area (not heavily used). On the plateau, glimpses through the trees of the Tappan-Zee bridge and Hudson, and large field with picturesque upper cliffs of Hook Mountain State park rising right up.

This was a great trail for a city dweller like myself who has never been hiking. It was tough and I needed a few breaks in between, but it was a great way to get my body moving and using muscles I had not used in a long time. I loved the view once I reached a high point. I would do it again for sure.

Mon Sep 04 2017

Great trail

mountain biking
Mon Apr 10 2017

Easy bike trail with good views. Note the bike trail running along the Hudson shore is different from the Nyack hiking trail that goes up the mountain and where bikes are not allowed. The trailhead for the bike trail is at the nyack beach state park, with parking available for a nominal fee

Beautiful views of the Hudson. There's a good size parking lot. Trails are gravel or dirt and are good for walking and jogging. You can go to more moderate hiking trails from the main path if you want.

So, this is a 5 mile path, there are parts that are paved and others are gravel. I wouldn't consider this moderate skill, however, there are other paths you can take which will take it up to moderate level. Overall nice experience, as you travel with the cliffs on one side and the Hudson River on the other.

Did a 5 mile hike today, with my wife and three kids(10, 8, 7). Kid had a great time. Fun trail good views Definitely will do it again

I've grown up hiking this trail and the other review doesn't do it justice. It has its flaws but all in all is a beautiful hike and easy if you don't have that much time. It's also good for any age but still challenging.

I hiked this trail today because it was close to the city. The noise from 9W was clear even on the top of Hook Mountain. The trail needs to be cleaned, there was a lot of trash: plastic bottles, paper, tissue etc. Trail is well marked and well travelled. There were several fire pits scarring the summit. 360 view at the top is nice but the the front country is still too obvious with buildings, roads and even the Freedom Tower viewable in the distance on a clear day.

25 days ago

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