We arrived at the trailhead at 8:15am on a beautiful Saturday morning and the parking lot was already full - we parked in a lot a bit further west and got the last spot in that lot (just to give you an indication of how busy it was). Anyway - We hiked Porter first (which I recommend) and then made it to the Cascade summit. I recommend Porter first as you have a much better reward once you reach Cascade - the summit is fantastic. I find you are better off relaxing and having a bite to eat on Cascade's summit. Porter's summit is OK, but not as nice. I personnaly prefer to make my way down after lunch break as opposed to having another summit to hike. From the junction, it took us 30 min to make it to the Porter summit and the same amount to get back to the junction. From the juction to Cascade summit, it's a short hike - 10 minutes approx. Overall a great hike but extremely busy Trail is moderate but it is not by any means an easy hike. All in all, including a 30 minute rest and a number of shorter rests here and there, it took us 5.5 hours to hike both peaks. This was peak 4 and 5 for me.

It's a solid hike. Don't be fooled by how close it looks to Heart Lake, these two little mountains are not to write-off.

Do Tabletop first because Phelps is a tough little mountain and can really take it out of you. Doing Phelps first would burn out your legs too early in the day.

The first section out is a piece of cake. Once you head up each individual mountain trail you gain elevation quickly. There are views at both summits, but Phelps has better.

Took a little over 7 hrs, we were moving pretty quickly with no stops though.

Great starter hike for the peaks. Was not too bad on the way up and way easy on the way down. Beautiful views at the top!! Go to Porter first since Cascade has better views and you may want to spend more time there.

Was beautiful! Definitely greatly rewarded at the top!

Tried the Mt. today. Got 1hr in and turned around. Too many boulders for ever ongoing for my bum leg. (4deg displacement from 4 place tibia spiral break). I will be back - think I lost keys in parking lot
Ratings between Whites and Adirondacks seem not to be of the same ranking

A great hike with rewarding views !

Just did this hike with my wife on Sept. 8, 2017. Trail was really muddy in small parts and the weather was undesirable. However would recommend this hike to any hiking enthusiast. It was a challenge and the weather above tree line added another exciting element. The satisfaction of completing Marcy as a day hike (under 9 hours) was one off my bucket list. While good fitness would be an asset, I wouldn't grade this hike difficult. Added benefits are the super friendly and helpful staff of the ADK MC and the Adirondack Loj and Heart Lake campground. With Lake Placid a short drive away, opting for a large pizza and beer after this hike was the second best decision of the day. Making the hike was the first.

I did Cascade in May of 2017. A lot of black flies and bugs to the point where it was treacherous. Didn't do Porter only because one of my fellow hikers couldn't take no more after Cascade. A few months later I completed Porter in September of 2017. Very, very, very muddy. I would definitely bring another pair of socks and shoes. View off of Porter was ok, not as great as Cascade but you can still see other mountains.

Cascade was beautiful, Porter was super muddy.

A great moderate trail with rewarding views. We went on a Saturday in late August so it was very crowded so get an early start or go during the week. Otherwise a great walk; was also an excellent way for me to start the "46 peaks", it was my first!

Fifth time. Super fun, engaging and beautiful just always so many people otherwise a 5 star

The trail was nice but if you do both Porter and Cascade it's actually 6.3 miles round trip
Tons of people as we suspected if you can do it during the week while school is in session you will have a more intimate experience
Enjoyable adventure all the same