If you're just starting out your journey to become a 46er, or just looking for beautiful views, hike Cascade and Porter. I truly don't believe you should hike one without the other. Cascade and Porter are easy, in comparison to any ADK High Peaks.

this trail is a steady climb from the beginning almost to the end where it flattens out for a short distance to the rocky top of Cascade. beautiful views from there. retrace your steps back to where the trail splits to Porter and be prepared for another 10 to 20 minutes of down then back up to the second peak. The view isnt as good here but you can see your fellow hikers on Cascade where you already were. The trails were 99% dry the day we did them (Aug 17th) . lots of friendly hikers, as is usual for the Adirondacks!

Busy trail with lots of young kids and dogs. Cascade has a great view at the top.

This is a fantastic trail, bit long, but still great! The last part of the ascent with alpine nature is beautiful!

I also enjoyed explanations provided by the volunteer on top of the mountain! Great job!

Did both on Sunday with my wife and 3 kids and a friend of mine, only issue I think is porter is muddy as hell and hikers up north for the most part have 0 trail etiquette. Cascade was amazing when the fog broke

Starting from ADK Loj, through Avalanche Pass, by Avalanche Lake, ascent via Trap Dike to Mt Colden. Then descent by the usual Mt Colden trail via Lake Arnold and back to the Loj. For some reason GPS recording stopped before I closed the loop and the timing is off; the trace seems to be accurate, though

Awesome trail! My group did the hike up and down Mt Marcy with backpacks full of gear. It wasn't easy, but deffinetly doable. And the views are just gorgeous! We did it on a quite, sunny day, but I can imagine it gets pretty windy out there. Bring bug spray, or you'll get eaten alive.

Great hike, stunning views. The trail at the top of table top was muddy. I enjoyed the hike lots of hikers on the way up to Phelps. Trail in good condition not muddy as expected.

Good hike, great view, harder near the end, especially for dogs, as there are several boulders...