Nice hike with spectacular views! Wicked popular on the weekend, but you may still find yourself hiking in solitude. Up and down Cascade and Porter in about 4 hours; good hike for a (leashed) dog, too!

Great hike. Did Porter Mt first then Cascade. Views available on both but Cascade is 360. Could of used some trail markings. Got to false summit on Porter but only knew that because someone else was familiar with trail. Still a little muddy in spots but most you you could get around easily. Lake Placid Brewery is a great stop after the hike. Only 7 or so miles away.

great hike, saw both peaks, great start to your 46'r journey

I hated pretty much the whole hike, but the view at the top made it worth it. Plus we didn't forget bug spray this time. But I tell ya it is not a easy way up there. It wasn't what I thought it was going to be, thanks to my hiking partner!! He may of left out a few parts of ho steep it truly was. but over all it was a really good day.

I've only done 4 46ers before doing Marcy today. I was a bit worried but it wasn't as bad as I though! It's very gradual until you get to the top then there's much steeper parts either lots of rocks. Totally manageable and completely worth it! Feet hurt but heart happy :) beautiful views

Great views but very muddy so be prepared

14 days ago