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I took the advice of many and read the reviews and used another hikers record to hike tabletop(as the AllTrails map is not correct). My FitBit recorded 12.86 Miles from the Loj to Tabletop, Phelps and back to Loj. Total Time was 8:40:35 which includes breaks. Tabletop was easy to follow as the herd path is pretty well tracked. The Summit sign is missing(unless I missed it) and I saw no one at all until I returned back the main trail. The Phelps Hike was almost a deal breaker. This is a decent hike with several flat rock faces that require you to exert more energy than you think. Don’t take the “Hard” lightly like I did. This was my 3rd and 4th ADK 46 Peaks and when I say this a decent hike, that is no joke. However I am new to hiking so that could just be my lack of experience. I do workout 5 days a week doing weights and cardio but hiking is really a different beast.

Side Note: Wear proper waterproof boots, bring plenty of water and food, wear nothing cotton and make sure you travel with weather appropriate gear. You will work for these two Peaks for sure! Good Luck and Happy Hiking to anyone that reads this.

La difficulté ici est la distance. Nous sommes dans la soixantaine et l avons fait en 9h30. Une vue incroyable ! Un must.

We did Phelps first and then Tabletop. Phelps is a solid hike, little steep toward the top, but the views from the top are a fantastic reward. Tabletop, as the name suggests, is pretty flat on top so the views are pretty obscured by the trees. You actually get a better view at a couple of points on the way up than you do at the top. The trail isn't really a trail-- you're walking up a run off channel for about 80% of the walk up from the turn off the main trail. It's super narrow in places, and a lot of it is steep rock that is the bed of the stream. Even in the fall there is still water running down it so it can be pretty slick and muddy in a lot of places. Also, the trail on the maps doesn't match up with what you actually follow, so even though it was clear that people had been through we were often questioning whether we'd managed to get off track. We would definitely do Phelps again, but Tabletop is a one and done.

This was a nice hike. Marcy dam area is very scenic. He hiked to Indian Falls first. Nice views from here. After went to Tabletop Mountain. Fairly easy hike. Limited spot for views but views you have are good. Finished up with Phelps Mountain. Great views from here. My phone died going up tabletop so my recording is incomplete. The trip was roughly 12 miles and took us 7 hours and 5 minutes. Enjoyed the day.

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Very cool mountain. Took the trail up from South Meadows and descended the 1932 bobsled trail to the 1980 bobsled course and came back. Lots of history every where you look/step.

It's a solid hike. Don't be fooled by how close it looks to Heart Lake, these two little mountains are not to write-off.

Do Tabletop first because Phelps is a tough little mountain and can really take it out of you. Doing Phelps first would burn out your legs too early in the day.

The first section out is a piece of cake. Once you head up each individual mountain trail you gain elevation quickly. There are views at both summits, but Phelps has better.

Took a little over 7 hrs, we were moving pretty quickly with no stops though.

Starting from ADK Loj, through Avalanche Pass, by Avalanche Lake, ascent via Trap Dike to Mt Colden. Then descent by the usual Mt Colden trail via Lake Arnold and back to the Loj. For some reason GPS recording stopped before I closed the loop and the timing is off; the trace seems to be accurate, though

Great hike, stunning views. The trail at the top of table top was muddy. I enjoyed the hike lots of hikers on the way up to Phelps. Trail in good condition not muddy as expected.

Good hike, great view, harder near the end, especially for dogs, as there are several boulders...

There are some great views on this trail; as well as a fair mix of hiking / climbing. This trail is pretty unforgiving on the knees. I'm active military, in great shape, and still had a difficult time with this one. Felt like I got hit by a train when I woke up the morning after. Waterproof and non-slip boots are a must, and extra socks just in case. Recommend hiking poles, but not necessary. It took me and my friend about 10 hours to complete it with about an hour of rest total.

Great hike, Hit Phelps first and then Tabletop. Phelps was cool and gave us a cool view of tabletop while we ate lunch on the ledge. The trek up to Tabletop was super muddy toward the top with a limited view but it was still impressive. I was expecting a lot worse from all the reading up i did on it before hand and was pleasantly surprised. The entire trip registered 43,000 steps on the fitbit in approximately 8 hours

Beautiful and fun hike if you are up to the challenge! Get there early because the parking lot fills up quickly (at least on Saturdays). Round trip, Including a long stop at the summit, It took a friend and I 9.5 hours to complete the hike. We are both very fit, experienced hikers. The first two-thirds of the trail are very easy but the last third is very difficult. My advice: be prepared and give yourself PLENTY of time, especially if you are not in good physical condition!

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