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9 days ago

We used the Lake Bonita trailhead and created our loop on the fly based on how much progress we were making and our fatigue level. We could have shortened or lengthened the loop at several junctions. The trail was mostly dry and very well marked.

We ended up hiking this one from the parking area by the playground. We went to the overlook and did some off trail exploring with two mini whacks. The day was humid and the views were covered by the haze. Overall it was a decent outing.

Great quick little hike with terrific semi-Adirondack scenery. This can totally be a running trail hike or just a quick and easy scenic hike. Once you get to the parking lot, follow the white markers until they turn into green markers and make sure you stay on the right side of the lake. There’s a picnic bench about a mile and a half into the hike. Pretty cool little hike.

We snowshoed up there today, a little slushy and a lot of exposed rocks as you get up there. We saw the snowman someone made. And when we got back down to the bottom we look across the lake and you could clearly see the snowman on the ledge! Very cool!

2 months ago

Lots of snow at the overlook on 3/11/18, trail was in good shape, no major winter blowdown,

Great short hike for all levels - very good views at the top... Just do it!

While visiting family who camped at the state park I had to check out the trails. The trail itself has quite a bit of rocks for the short hike it is. Once I got to the overlook I thought it would be more of a “jaw dropping” view. You can sit on the rock and see the lake through the trees. I’ve walked the trails around the water and would recommend overlook. I hiked this with my brother before work and thought it was moderate and did not take us long at all. I think waiting for him to let go from swinging on the vines like a monkey was what took up more time!!

I rate this 2 stars because of the view from the top. Getting there was ridiculous. We paid $2 for the trail map and couldn’t figure it out to save our lives. What should have been a two-mile walk turned into a nine-mile steep hike we were unprepared for. Because we were wearing regular hiking shoes, we tried another route down the mountain and ended up in another park altogether. The park guard refused to take our names and it turned into a race against sundown.

In the winter months, BRING CRAMPONS. We did not, and the guard saw what we were wearing and didn’t warn us otherwise, and had to run/slide down the steep trail where I almost broke my elbow and knee.

The view was incredible, though. Had the map been easier to discern the starting point (ie “you are here” marker), then we would’ve enjoyed it immensely.

Also, bathrooms along all trails are locked. Not sure about that.

4 months ago

Great day and trail system. The steepness near the very top made snowshoeing a challenge. Great views on the overlook.

Nice wooded trail hike. The out and back from the parking lot to Lake Ann is approximately a 3.6 mile hike. Took white trail marker from parking lot, turned right onto green and then just after the picnic bench overlooking Bonita lake took the trail to the right marked with lavender markers. At the lean-to you there is a new wooden deck to the edge of Lake Ann which I would describe as a pond.

trail running
6 months ago

A nice trek. Started to left side of lake and found trails to be hard to follow despite a comprehensive trail marker system in place. The leaves on the trail didn't help but I was told the first several miles of my hike were on new trails. I was hoping for views of the Hudson but they were limited. I dropped down to the road to have a look, that was nice. Went back on the power line road but had to bushwack back to trail. Continued on trails but was on limited time so bushwacked to the Grant Summit, more or less. The woods are pretty open so bushwacking was nice. Continued back then took a wrong turn onto the fire road, thought that might be a good option but it was heading down to the prison. I opted to bushwack up the hill to get back on the trail to see the lake up there, near the cabin. That was worth it. Worked my way back via the pink trail markers. My Garmin said I did 9+ miles so keep that in mind and know you can avoid the bushwacking if you want.

6 months ago

It's a quick hike and an incredible view of Moreau Lake. A pretty consistent incline, but not difficult. Great spot for pictures and a picnic at the top.

Get a map from New York State website. At least 17 miles of trails. It was fun to do

I never saw so many water fowl in my life. It was cool. The hike was super easy and fun. My dog loved it. The main lake, Moreau Lake, is beautiful and is calling me to bring a kayak or raft next time. Have fun!

Very well marked trail, rocky and steep at times, but very pretty. We did it with our 2 kids (2 and 4). It's doable, but demanding.

Nice local hike

8 months ago

great hike, needs a map at the trail head

Great hike! Quite steep, beautiful view at top. Trail was very dry, even after a lot of rain yesterday.

Nice hike to do with the family

We took the shorter route from the parking lot near the beach. It's only about 2 miles round trip from this point as you'll pick up the trail halfway through.

But just because it's short doesn't mean it's easy. It's a pretty steady incline the entire time until you reach a pretty nice little lookout.

Great short hike to take if you want a quick sweat before dipping in the lake!

Moderate trail with a steep section as you get to the top. Well worth it if you time it right with great views.

We took the connecting path from within Moreau State Park. It can be steep and rocky in some areas so it's appropriately labelled Moderate but not too difficult for kids and dogs. The view from the top is worth it!

Beautiful and fun hike and rewarded at the lookout with a gorgeous rainbow!

EASY A relaxed circular walk around the upper portion of Moreau Lake and Mud Pond. A few gentle slopes and a couple of narrow portions, but for the most part a pleasant walk through the woods around the lake and the pond. Dogs must be leashed. Occasional mountain bikers and horseback riders. You will see beaver lodges and water birds and hear bull frogs.

Wonderful hike with a great view at the top. Did it with my kids and dog.

Not sure if I followed the right trail since I ended up walking on the road for some of it and didn't end up at an overlook but it was still a nice hike and will have to try again next time. I like the trails though they are relatively easy to follow and the lake is beautiful to hike near.

11 months ago

Really enjoyed this one! Our first hike of the year, and like other folks said it was fairly steep but a short hike. Views were great but fairly limited (it's an overlook, no 360° views). Entrance fee to the park was $8, which seemed like a bit much considering we were only there a couple hours. Next time we'll plan a day or camping trip.

Great moderate, there is a good map at the entrance for two bucks -- that plus a phone gps makes it easy to navigate! !

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