Photos of Moreau Lake State Park Nature Trips Trails

14 days ago

EDIT: After looking at the map of Moreau St Park, it looks like that the alltrails map is actually shorter and that the CP trail goes further up along the Ridge run trail(pinkish red markers) and splits off, coming back down the yellow Western ridge trail... The map also says there arent any "scenic overlooks" on the trail either.
Snow was super slushy so it was a bit slippery. trail starts easy and then probably quarter of a Mile in it gets pretty steep in spots ..really nice hike but not that great of a view (in winter at least). the summit didnt really feel like a summit and seemed to be more of an end to the trail, which took you too an intersection of different trails. saw lots of deer tracks but we were out mid-day so didnt see anything, will revisit in the summer!