What a beautiful trail. Enjoyed a sandwich while overlooking a cliff with breathtaking views. Great feeling reaching the top and circling back was an nice cool down.

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4 days ago

The trails consist of carriage ways of gravel. The trails are clearly marked. Upon entry you are given a very detailed trail map. You can ride all day and not go on the same trail twice. This system is not for novices. Some of the climbs are long with a moderate incline. Definitely coming back

Great trail. Approx 10 mile loop as took upperhill on the return.

Amazing views pretty tight squeeze. The park staff is rude, pompous and completely out of control.

File under: Well maintained path for exercise. Towards the halfway point you’ll likely encounter a lot of gnats this time of year. Mostly shaded, well maintained. Better than most East Coast trails I’ve hiked. This makes it easier to focus on surroundings. The other benefit to this hike is that it will get you to some of the more interesting spots in the park. Giant’s Workshop and Arching Rocks Path are great ways to see Copes Lookout and explore the ridge line.

Views from Millbrook Ridge are breathtaking. The hike was great. We saw a black bear in the bushes. We have a reason to think it stalked us, as we heard him on two occasions later. But luckily he did not come close.

Don’t be deterred by all the people in the parking lot, the trail itself was empty. We went clockwise as recommended by another poster and am glad we did. It gets the hard part out of the way first, and the views are gorgeous.

Great, well maintained trail. I trail ran with my two pups and surprised for a Monday the amount of groups I passed. Everyone was respectful and peaceful, it was very enjoyable. I will say I was disappointed to see bags of trash left behind by others. For those looking to go, it was beautiful, easy trail but due to parks likely getting over run I’ll be bringing a small bag and gloves in my backpack from now on to pick up along the way since some some people can’t grasp Leave No Trace. I urge everyone to help our parks and keep them clean. Pack it in, Pack it out. No exceptions, it is up to us to do our part.

Very pretty, not hard .

Great mixed terrain hike. Rather than and out and back on Duck Pond Trail, we made a 6.3 mile loop by taking a short cut to the Crevice/Lemon Squeeze on the trail that runs behind the spring house on Forrest Drive up towards Staircliff Path. Basically approaching the Crevice from the opposite direction of the Labyrinth. The Crevice had just opened the day before. No traffic going up. Managed the Crevice with our 8 and 9 year olds, and only had to help them at one spot just before the start of the Crevice ladders. Once we took in the view from Sky Top, we walked on to Lily Pond and then headed down Fox Path to Kleinekill Road, to Farm Road and then Lenape Lane back to the Pine Road parking lot. It was nice to have a relatively easy 3 mile finish along the carriage roads after a good workout getting to Sky Top. Also enjoyed coming down through the meadows for a little change of scenery.

Challenging to get to the hike, but the actual hike was kinda boring and not challenging. We only did this one because we couldn’t get into the Minnewaska Park lots.

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24 days ago

We started from the visitor center and made our way up the hundred steps to get onto the trail. We followed the blue markings 6 miles in and the trail was amazing. We saw three snakes and bear which pumped our adrenaline. The blue markings are easy to follow and the views are incredible. You def need some shoes with grip for the rocky surface.

Easy walking trail. The entry fee is $15 per adult. You can do the entire 4+ miles hike or took old Minnewaska road to Skytop.

Heavily trafficked, wide carriage trail. Nice easy walk. Not sure why it’s moderate. A little long for the kids because the vistas aren’t as impressive as some of the other trails. Most of the walk is kind of boring for a kid.

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1 month ago

We did it counter clockwise, which was nice because we ended up doing the muddy half with no views first, leading us to a rewarding dry second half with all the views. However, it meant a much steeper decline. Going again I would take the clockwise route since I prefer a steeper incline and a gradual downhill (easier on the knees and quicker). Much of the trail is bushy, with low tree cover, and a medium amount of bugs. We saw two 3-4 foot snakes, so watch out, and the cutest porcupine (!) Right on the trail. In summary, the view was great, but the trail was kind of boring other than the animal encounters and pretty long (~7 miles). I'd give it 3.5 stars.

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