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I considered the trail moderate and very scenic- the Awosting waterfall is breath taking and inspiring. The creek it pools into is cool and refreshing on a hot day, though fall is now approaching. There are little detours on the trails that bring you to beautiful views. Some to little creeks, others to rocky ground overlooking the mountain. You just have to adventure and see for yourself.

12 days ago

This is a way above average trail loop. One half of the distance is along a fairly basic gravel road but even that part had water features and views and geology to look at. We did the more boring gravel road part first then came back on the Rainbow Falls and Mossy Glen trails on the way back. There were some seriously interesting obstacles (giant rock drop offs etc) to navigate on the Rainbow Falls trail but they are appropriate for a moderate hike in proper footwear.

Very highly recommended. A nice save from our original plans which were in the Mohonk Preserve which has the nerve to charge 15 dollars PER HIKER to go into their land. I'm sure it's a lovely place but that's a very luxurious asking price for a hike.

Very nice. It’s not necessarily a “hike” (more like a nice stroll) but you get to see pretty waterfalls and forest. I think this would be a great walk for families with kiddos.

18 days ago

This is a great trail that combines waterfalls with incredible views on ledges (as part of the Shawangunk Ridge Trail). I took Jenny Lane to Rainbow Falls until just after Litchfield Ledge and went back down to Upper Awosting. Had to go down in elevation before I could make it to Castle Point Carriage Road because thunder clouds rolled in and my hair was standing up and trek pole was humming (be aware there's no shelter on a few parts of this trail as you'll be walking along exposed ridges).

Wouldn't recommend bringing dogs on this one, there's a few rock scrambles that I can't see any dogs navigate, you'd probably have to somehow hoist and carry them. There's also one section that is very narrow and steep as you descend to the source of Rainbow Falls and you'll need to cling to rock and trees. When the rains are heavy some of the paths will get washed out and the streams and falls become very hard to navigate. When it's dry the falls become a bit anemic. If you don't mind the effort go when it's been raining a lot for the best views.

We hiked this on July 4th. It wasn't too busy. The falls we're beautiful. The path was very well marked. We took Mossy Glen to Blueberry Hill to Jenny Lane and then got on the Rainbow Falls trail. On the way back we took a carriage road.

Awesome trail! I wouldn’t call it a “hike” because the trail is so well groomed and the terrain is very easy to navigate. Beautiful series of waterfalls.

This is not my favorite trail. It’s not really in the woods and there isn’t much sun cover. Stony kill falls is beautiful and so is the lake. The wolf jaw connection is poorly marked to enter and then once you’re in it’s poorly marked to follow. Without gps and the map I would not have known what to follow. But hey, there’s a lot to appreciate about the lake. It’s warm (relatively) and you can catch the occasional nudist. The stony kill falls were the highlight of the hike.

Great trail! The main part is on a carriage road and very easy to walk. There are options to break off onto various (more challenging) footpaths along the route, but even just staying on the main road was beautiful—small waterfalls, scenic views, and interesting wildlife! Not too crowded either. After three miles this trail ends and morphs into other trails, like the Castle Point trail, etc. AllTrails counts it as a 10 mile loop if you do a combination of all of those smaller trails after the 3 mile Awosting trail (which ends at Lake Awosting). The whole ten miles is worth it though...crystal clear lakes, cliffs, rocky outcrops, mostly flat the whole time if you stay on the carriage road. A great walk!

1 month ago

Awesome trails. Just avoid the carriageway (boring to hike) – you can catch trails all the way instead.

Also note that the trail to the falls may be cut off after plentiful rain, but it's still worth it just for the Mossy Glen section (immediate left off carriageway at parking lot).

5 stars for great views! Nice easy trail, waterfalls were full and beautiful today!

we did this yesterday with a slight alterations. absolutely beautiful views. We got caught in an endless thunderstorm (there was only a 20% chance it would storm) on the way back through Castle Rock which was quite terrifying with all the lightning, but also incredible with the views of the storm over the land. we had done this one before when it was very, very hot and it was much harder so the rains were actually a nature blessing in disguise.

Falls were flowing well today. Easy for children. Did find a tick on my sons shoe so be watchful.

2 months ago

Watch out for rattlesnakes! One was hiding under a rock I stepped near and warned me I was too close.
Good hike, but the falls were a little lacking with water. Maybe next time will be better.

If you're looking for a comfortable walk with a bit of elevation and lots of little vistas, this trail is for you.

Super easy especially with a baby. Great views mostly shaded with trees which is nice when there are no clouds in the sky.

4 months ago

I am 63. With a new hip. This was a terrific hike and a wonderful challenge for me. I went with my 12 year old son. The rock scrambling was short but as challenging as I want. After the falls was more difficult than the first part of the loop. The descent after the second scramble was difficult but rewarding. There were several descents and climbs and wonderful views. My 12 year old seemed half mountain goat and loved it. He was tired as well. I am slow so it took 6.5 hours including a 45 minute lunch break at the base of the falls. We even out ran a thunder storm! A great day!

Beautiful hike that offers a little of everything; small scrambles, waterfalls, views, footpaths. Perfect challenge to all levels.

It is a very pretty hike, but this is more like a skiing trail that can also be hiked (when theres no snow), 90% graveled trails, not difficult at all, the only difficult part is the distance, other than that, the trail is easy and with very little elevation gain, does have a nice seasonal beach that can only be hiked to, I imagine it gets packed though in the summer

4 months ago

This was a fun and scenic trail. Hiking along Peters Kill was nice as was the falls. There still chunks of snow in places which was neat. The rock scramble was short but getting under those falls was absolutely worth it. Take the short junt down to Lake Awosting if you have the time as well. Our course was basically Mossly Glen to Blue Berry Run to Rainbow falls to a quick side trip to Lake Awosting and then the Carriage way home.

4 months ago

Accurately rated as moderate, but as much a fun challenge as a harder trail. We took the Mossy Glen to Blueberry run to Rainbow Falls, and added the .4 sidetrack to Lake Awosting, taking the carriage road back. Great views, the falls were beautiful, and albeit small, the scramble was fun. I'm a fan of longer and more difficult trails, but for a moderate it was definitely worth it. Water proof shoes a plus.

5 months ago

Spring is always the best time to see these falls as they get real thin as summer rolls around.

5 months ago

This was a great waterfall. A little disappointing when looking at the map there though. They had 3 waterfalls included in this hike. It appears the other two were on the other side of the road, which you couldn't get to. Still all in all the waterfall was very nice and a quick to get to.

on Rainbow Falls Trail

5 months ago

This place is absolutely beautiful! The falls we're nothing short of awesome. Very nice hike with lots of beautiful terrain. The trail follows the water and keeps switching back from from woods to water. A nice amount of rock scrambles which was very fun. Gorgeous views of Catskills. It was a nice surprise to see some snow and ice in some areas as well. All in all this was a mildly moderate hike full of a whole bunch of awesomeness!

5 months ago

Family friendly with paved trails; muddy and snowy at times during a late March stroll.

Man this was worth the 1hr drive. Looking forward to go back once the weather gets better. If you’re from westchester looking for some very pretty views, Minnewaska has a lot to offer. Make sure you go on the Blueberry Run path. Photos do not do this place justice.

Long but flat woods road most of the way up. Didn't go further up than Lake Awosting, but swung by Rainbow Falls. Views from the top are great.

Harder than moderate

Go day after it rains.

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