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Lovely hike - definitely not hard but very long. Ended up being ~12 miles because we parked in the lower parking lot. Very busy - recommend getting there early

4 days ago

Great views. Easy. Paved

5 days ago

Just a gorgeous trail... lots of varied terrain that’s challenging but do-able. Especially beautiful in late May/early June, but gorgeous all season long.

Beautiful views!

I hiked around the lake to Castle Point then back to end of lake and to Beacon Hill FP. Very windy day, but sunny. Gorgeous views. The wind had blown a lot of leaves off the trees but still beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful! The fall foliage was beautiful.

This was definitely not as hard as made out to be, it’s long, about 8 miles in total but not really not that difficult. I was expecting a few rock scrambles but there isn’t anything that I would call a scramble like at breakneck or crag rock. There is a decent sized section when you are walking through a stream and that for me was the hardest because it was slippery. The ascent up was not that bad either. It was a great hike with spectacular views, but not the adventure I was expecting from some of the reviews

20 days ago

There is a $10 park entrance fee, but worth it. This trail is awesome. Didn't really understand the signs at the far end. It said private trail, but there was no way we were going to backtrack that far so we went right through

Hiked on Oct. 25th, trail was dry and quiet. Leaves are pretty much at peak color.

Nor’easter this weekend... Oct. 27th... will likely make trail conditions muddy and bring down a lot of leaves... sadly.

Beautiful hike during autumn.

Beautiful trail and waterfall views

AWESOME trail for a short hike.

Great hike! More like ‘hard’ than moderate

What a hike. I went this Sunday, October 14th, and the trail was pretty crowded. Parts of it were significantly muddy and rocky parts were basically a creek, with water flowing over the rocks on an incline, so I would recommend waterproof shoes if you're going after a heavy rain. The views were incredible, and I was thoroughly exhausted by the end of the hike. If you are going, I recommend looking at Hike the Hudson Valley's trail guide, as it's very helpful to get a visual look at each turn to get you from the parking lot through the entire hike.
For probably half of the hike, I was walking alone (solo hike but I kept running into people) with a smile on my face. I stopped often to admire the fall foliage (near peak right now! Golden leaves abound!) and pine trees along the quartz rocks. From the start at the lake back to the same spot it took me about 4 1/2 hours.

Beautiful vistas, perfectly challenging, and a great workout. My girlfriend and I are both 50 and in moderately good shape. We definitely were challenged by the end of the four hour hike and felt happy to be able to sit down afterward . Our Favorite part was halfway through when we laid down on a giant boulder, listened to the sound and felt the warmth of the warm autumn son.

Super easy, well kept trail. The lake is really lovely. It's a little crowded for my taste, but what a great time of year to go. The leaves are starting to change, and it will only get better in the next couple of weeks.

Skipped Lake Awosting, Did Rainbow Falls and the Shawangunk Ridge Trail up to Litchfield Ledge, Castle Point, and Hamilton Point Carriage Rd back. The cut-through from Castle Point down to Hamilton Point CR is a little hard to find and is a straight down scramble. Beautiful.


beautiful place to enjoy with family

Easy Hike Beautiful View !

We went as a large group with kids of varied ages and little hiking experience. The hike overall was great however the last leg of the hike was really challenging because it was wet and slippery and Rocky and we had one hiker that had a broken arm from falling in similar conditions on a hike. But this was challenging not just for her but for the whole group because of slippery conditions and it hadn’t even rained it was just from the overnight moisture. I would say this was a good hike but be warned that there is potential for slippery conditions not good for a beginner hiker.

Great hike once you get off the carriage trail! There are three pretty challenging sections. Two where you have to go up and down a steep incline and decline over boulders and one down a stream bed. We went counter clockwise which I’d recommend. My wife and I had our two senior dogs 11 and 14 with us. We all managed just fine although pushing it a few times.

Beautiful views, easy path with some incline but not steep.

1 month ago

Great views, a must do. Fairly straight forward trail, with only a few spots for some moderate rock scrambling. Nothing too steep or long. We were there after a heavy rainstorm a few days prior and the route back had us walking through lots of water, so make sure you have proper footwear

1 month ago

Gorgeous, easy hike. If you go early enough, chances are you’ll be the only person there.

Gorgeous views on this trail, very kid-friendly and lots of signs, just follow the red diamonds. Lots of other good trails too. We went with 3,5,8 years old kids and they were fine the whole time. You can bathe at the lake if you want and there is just a parking fee to get in.

One of the best hikes I’ve done in a while! Did this solo- the trail was very well marked, manicured but also secluded. So many scenic lookouts it was difficult to keep pace! I did the loop and then later the waterfall trail which was worthwhile, a total of just under 5 miles when you factor in the connection paths. I spotted salamanders, millipedes and caterpillars. The trail was almost empty during the week. I did have to pay the $10 parking fee but it paid off because the trails were so well maintained.

Very cool waterfall! A great place for a picnic to chill and watch the falls. Like others mentioned, not a "hike", but a cool, quick stroll.

Did this trail with my GF last Sunday, wow it was awesome! I'd say if you never hiked before, this MAY be "difficult", but to anyone who hikes, it's definitely more on the "moderate" side. There are so many amazing views along the edge of the rocks, and so many places to just sit down, hang out and take in the views. The trail is great because you get a little bit of everything-moderate rock scramble, great views of NY, trails through the forest, etc. My GF saw a bear in the distance, but I wasn't paying attention and missed it! We saw some cool Ravens hanging out on the ledge as well.

1 month ago

Very easy walk, nice views around the lake and plenty of good places for picnics etc. Not the kind of walk we’d do but my partner had hurt his ankle!

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