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One of my favorite hikes, ever. I would not rate it as difficult, moderate definitely. Me and my hiking partner are two fit people in our late 30s who run/workout regularly but don't often hike, if that helps. The bang-for-your-buck factor is off the charts, some climbing and scrambling but it really didn't feel like as much elevation change as it is, and every other turn leads you to a gorgeous view of the valley and beautiful cliffs. Very few other people on the trail, although we were there on a weekday. We did not bring enough water! Your cute little S'well bottle will not do it, my friend. We found a neat little cave on a side path that was pouring coolth into the air, and we sat beside that for a full 10 minutes :) Amazing hike, very well marked (full trail maps at every intersection and clear blazes along the trail itself) and maintained, in a clean, beautiful park. Can't wait to come back!

Not a bad place to start for beginner hikers who want a challenge. The views are great in the end. I went here today, end of summer, and the path was easy, clean and quick. Dog-friendly. Trail-runners-friendly.

Amazing views, crazy cliffs and a whole lot of fun

For experienced hikers, this is a 5-6/10 for difficulty. For novice hikers, this is probably about a 8-9/10. We hiked in a group of 4- everybody was fit, but with different hiking experience (no experience to very experienced) and it took us about 5 hours to complete. Great views. Highly recommend the hike. Be careful when you get to the footpath portion and choose the correct path- if you take the path that seams like a bushwhack then turn around because you chose the wrong path (unless you want to do a bushwhack, are experienced hikers, and have good navigation skills). Also make sure to park in the correct parking lot.

Nice hike with beautiful views. Part of hike (a little Over 3 miles) is a gravel carriage path. The rest is a moderate hike. A few really nice rocky outcropping s to sit and enjoy the view. End at the lake so you can cool off if you have your bathing suit. Go early in the day during busy season. When the trail head parking area fills you have to park 1 mile downhill. Adds 2 miles round trip Also 10.00 parking fee to get into the park

Great views, but a lot of foot paths and definitely not a trail for the faint. Bring lots of water and enjoy the views when you see them!

We took our dog on this hike today. he's not much of a jumper so he had a couple issues. but we were able to help him around. this hike has some of the best views I've ever seen. it's completely worth it. I loved this hike!