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The Minnewaska State Park Preserve is a 22,275-acre preserve located on the Shawangunk Ridge in Ulster County, New York, five miles (8.0 km) west of New York State Route 299. The park features scenic overlooks of the nearby Catskill Mountains, and is a great place for for picnicking with beautiful views of the Catskills, hitting up the hiking trails, mountain biking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing, and also has swimming areas with the possibility of scuba diving!

Skied this yesterday. Mostly flat, though there are a few gentle hills. Amazing views.

I hiked this trail back in August with my brother and parents and was awesome! It had many great views and the overall experience was great. The trails were marked very clearly, weather conditions were perfect and bugs were not an issue.

*****This is closed when there's snow on the ground for skiing.***
learned that the hardway!

Beautiful trail, I am in love with this place.

a completely worth it trip would do it again in a heart beat. great views and lots of mix types of terrains. reccomend wear good shoes. 10/10!

Great hike on an absolutely gorgeous day. Pretty easy trail...not too much traffic. Highly recommended

Beautiful trail in a beautiful day, 10 stars.

1 month ago

Probably my favorite hike in the Catskill region. Starts off a bit crowded on the Minnewaska State Park side but by the time you climb the McCullock Mt., the people start to thin out. The walk on the ridge is awesome, with numerous rock cutouts with great views. The back side walk avoids a lot of up and down and has great internal views of the ridges. Some parts are pretty steep up and down so not for the faint of heart. Great time.

very nice place

The ice caves are way cool.

on Gertrude's Nose Trail

2 months ago

An excellent hike if you're looking to spend a few hours. Not difficult from a terrain perspective; the challenge comes in properly pacing yourself and going with a group that will keep that pace. Other than that, I love this hike and will do it again for sure!

Fun hike with great views. Park in upper lot, bring snacks and water and you’re good to go.

Loved this hike. Took the Yellow trail to the blue. Turned right on the carriage road and then onto the orange (Rainbow falls) trail. There was a long walk back on the carriage road, but it was a great hike and very peaceful.

Beautiful views. Nice trails, I altered it a little.

Most Amazing hike I’ve done in the Hudson Valley yet!!!!!! It was certainly a long hike worth every single step!! ONLY complaint which we did read in other reviews and really should have listen was.. parking in the lower lot. Then you have to walk alllll the way up and than all the way down after an 8 mile hike to your car. The hike it’s self was breathtaking HIGHLY recommended!!! The views on the way to the top and simply Beautiful! We went about 2 weekends ago the foliage was incredible!!! We also took our pup and she absolutely loved it but might be hard for dogs that don’t like some rock climbing. Cannot wait to go back!!!!!

Beautiful trail. Very dog friendly and not crowded at all

The actual hike was exactly what I was looking for. Moderately challenging with amazing views. The problem was it was PACKED! There had to be at least 10 groups of hikers who were hiking with 5 or more hikers. We had to allow hikers to pass us throughout the entire hike. Maybe it was because the fall foliage seemed to be peaking or because the weather was so nice. If this is usual I would not recommend this hike.

best scenery and easy walkway. also good for bike.

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