on Old Dam Trail

10 months ago

to short

Saturday, June 23, 2012

We were short on time so were looking for a quick and easy trail and found this in a search. To say the least it wasn't even worth the 15 minute drive. The waterfall itself is scenic enough to look at, but there really is no "trail" to speak of. Behind the firehouse there is a short trail, 100 feet or less, that leads to the upper part of the dam. The view here is OK, you can't really see the falls, just the upper part of the dam, and the marshland behind it. To get to the lower part we had to go down the rocky embankment by the side of the bridge that crosses Pompey center road. Once down we then walked the rocky washout trail that led up to the falls themselves. It is rocky enough that if you don't have strong ankles I wouldn't recommend it, even the dog had problems finding sure footing.