my favorite trail in Rochester

Nice trail. Lots of hills, some parts pretty muddy this time of year. Definitely good to take a picture of the map in the parking lot and use the map in this app to figure out the 3 mile loop. There are lots of intersecting trails in this park. Mostly I followed the white trail down to and along the water and then hopped on the yellow trail coming back. It was a nice hike and good exercise.

2 months ago

Great hike though the woods near water. Trails are clearly marked but this apps trail takes you on at least 2 colors. Easy to follow the trails even covered in leaves. Think I did white, yellow, red, blue and some of trail (which is where I saw the deer).

Great trails, well marked and clear! We'll definitely be back again!

great exercise with lots of up and downs, took a pic of the map before i went in helped alot

7 months ago

The trails themselves are well used but they are not very well marked. The intersection areas where multiple trails come together just have a sign but no map. If you don't remember what the map at the road says or you don't have a phone with you then you may end up in circles pretty easily.

Trails are tight up and downs and not friendly for biking.

I'd hike here again because it's a great work out. The bugs are bad in the summer for sure.

Loved it

Nice trails, quality hike, with views to inlets, people kayaking and canoeing. The only problem is that some areas of the trails aren't marked very well. We wound up getting off of marked trails, and found ourselves almost 2 hours walk from the car, in a residential neighborhood. Aside from that, a great place to hike in Rochester.

10 months ago

I've enjoyed hiking the trails at Lucien Morin Park. it's great to see the military history hasn't been erased completely.

the rifle range trail is named for the rifle range used by the national guard for training soldiers for the korean war.

follow the rifle range trail to get to the rifle range and target pit. there is also a pistol range and pit too.

the white gazebo is a former officers watchtower. Prior to use by the National Guard, a private gun club housed in a mansion occuoied the land in the 1920s. before that, it was agricultural, and if you hike in the spring you will see apple blossoms (most are growing on the hillside near the officer tower).

Nice time. Three plus miles, heart pounding, saw a snake, good inclines. One or two spots where the trail was being lost by edge of hills.

Very short, deceptive... Says 3.4 but half is just walking around ball fields... A few short scenic spots, more of an easy trail

2 years ago

The location of the trail is right next to McGreggors by Irondequoit Bay. The name of the park is Lucien Morin Park. The trail is more of a natural one and a lot more narrow at points than a typical trail. An eerie feeling came over today as I hiked it - maybe it was the burrito's I ate earlier, not sure. Saw a few white-tailed deer, so be wary of wildlife. Also, be sure to bring lots of bug spray, the trail was riddled with mosquitoes and bugs. I walked out with a lot of bites.

Difficulty wise, I definitely found this trial to be somewhat challenging, probably a 3/5, maybe a 3.5 even. Make sure you have good boots and lots of energy if you want to go off the beaten path.

Yes, it's a nice trail but please fix where it is. It is a the tip of the Bat off Empire near McGregors.

Very nice hilly trails, Some areas of the trails could have been better marked, But a nice walk in the woods.
Had to search for trail-head as Directions brought us to 80 Woodhaven Dr. DON'T BELIEVE THESE DIRECTIONS. this address is in a housing complex. We found the trail-head on Empire Blvd. RTE 404 Near McGreggors,