Love this trail. Can be hard to follow the markings, but the neat history you see and the varied landscape is awesome.

4 months ago

my favorite trail in Rochester

Nice trail. Lots of hills, some parts pretty muddy this time of year. Definitely good to take a picture of the map in the parking lot and use the map in this app to figure out the 3 mile loop. There are lots of intersecting trails in this park. Mostly I followed the white trail down to and along the water and then hopped on the yellow trail coming back. It was a nice hike and good exercise.

5 months ago

Great hike though the woods near water. Trails are clearly marked but this apps trail takes you on at least 2 colors. Easy to follow the trails even covered in leaves. Think I did white, yellow, red, blue and some of trail (which is where I saw the deer).

Great trails, well marked and clear! We'll definitely be back again!

great exercise with lots of up and downs, took a pic of the map before i went in helped alot

10 months ago

The trails themselves are well used but they are not very well marked. The intersection areas where multiple trails come together just have a sign but no map. If you don't remember what the map at the road says or you don't have a phone with you then you may end up in circles pretty easily.

Trails are tight up and downs and not friendly for biking.

I'd hike here again because it's a great work out. The bugs are bad in the summer for sure.

Loved it