Nice quick walk. Took about 45 minutes out and back. Very muddy this time of year

Great views of the creek

Loved it!!!! Easy wide paths with lots of beautiful trees. Great for adventuring;)

Wonderful winter morning walk!!

The water access was a lot of fun! The paths were clear and easy to follow. Pretty quiet and had a parking lot

Easy hike with the kids! Enjoyable on weekdays.

this is a great hike in the afternoon after work with the dogs. beautiful waterfalls in clean trailS.

A rather easy uneventful hike, but there is the payoff at the end with a series of shallow waterfalls which people use to cool off in the summer. A nice Place to take the kids and have a picnic.

It's a nice scenic trail, more so towards the front half. The last portion is some moderate under brush. Its a lovely walk just beware ppl are walking there dogs without a leash. Other then that enjoy:)