2 months ago

We love this trail. pretty flat going along the old rail road bed. this site states no dogs but this is one of the trails everyone takes their pups on obviously on leashes. :)
during the summer months black flies and mosquitos are everywhere. very peaceful walk and many critters and birds to see

Born and raised in the hills of Homer, NY, Lime Hollow was once one of the best kept secrets for runners in the Cortland/Ithaca and Homer areas. It has now been cleaned up and expanded to be a solid trail running mecca if you don't want to make the trip to Ithaca or Syracuse for Green Lakes State Park.

For Trail runners looking to get some mid week or weekend runs in, Lime Hollow offers are moderate challenge especially around the ponds closer to McLean Road. I frequently when home from CA will do workouts on the rolling hills around the ponds.

Great place that I am happy to see more runners and walkers are starting to explore, especially in the areas off of the common trails.

My two year old and I really enjoyed the nature center and we hiked the Art walk, Lookout connector and the High Vista Loop trail. Had a great time and if you have a map it's fairly easy to figure out the paths as they are well marked. Nice range of difficulty and shade. Definitely would recommend this to others though don't forget your bug spray! The mosquitoes are hungry and will carry you away. But it's been a wet year and it's marsh so it wasn't surprising and didn't take away from the experience!

This was nicely marked trail with lots of off trails that were also well indicated. I would suggest preparing yourself prior to hiking to combat mosquitoes as there are plenty and thirsty. The main part of the trail encompasses a pond which is a nice when you could get a glimpse of it due to the high brush growth. Note: the trail map we found is located in further into the trail

Great, clean trail that just lacks some above average scenery

There are many more trails. In the winter you can cross country ski and snow shoe. All the trails are well marked and easy to follow. The education center is developing and will prove to be an asset to the community

easy trail for beginners, wide path, and nice views. I had no complaints!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

I walked the easy art trail with my family. About 45 mins if you backtrack instead of loop. Great trail!

This is a good after work hike if you live or work in the area and just need a little fresh air.

Thursday, June 16, 2016